Speak Out A 1/8/02

Tuesday, January 8, 2002

Speak Out IQ

A SPEAK Out caller speculated that those who don't call Speak Out are smarter than those who do. The record needs to be set straight. The estimated IQ of the average Speak out caller is 165 -- above genius level. Those who read but don't call Speak Out have average IQs ranging from 85 to 110. Those who neither read nor call Speak Out have a median IQ of 3, slightly below that of a potted plant.

Transparent motive

OH, COME on. We can see right through that. The Speak Out caller claiming to have given careful thought to the issue of term limits says he has changed his mind and now opposes limits as a matter of principle. Like we believe that. The caller is no doubt a GOP hack who thought the idea a good one when his party was in the minority but now wants us to believe he has had a sudden change of heart based on thoughtful reflection, and having absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the Republicans are in or moving close to majority control of the legislative branches at the federal and state levels. Geez.

Another tax cut

AH. THE good old days are back. Congress is going to have to raise the debt ceiling. Let me guess at the Southeast Missourian answer to this government revenue shortfall: Cut taxes.

Speeding officers

I'M A Scott County resident. I see there was another accident involving a fatality due to law enforcement personnel. I fully support our law enforcement, but there needs to be some kind of check on the highway patrol and the sheriff's department. These officers drive their cruisers at excessive rates of speed for no apparent reason.

Deadbeat moms

THERE ARE as many deadbeat moms as there are deadbeat dads. I'm a responsible father. I have two boys, and their deadbeat mom says she never wants to see them again. You see too much stuff about deadbeat dads. I'd like to see more about deadbeat moms.

Deserves suspension

THE OFFICER who was involved in the fatal accident deserves a suspension. To kill two people over a stolen truck is ludicrous.

Let parents pay

I AGREE with the caller regarding school taxes. I think people who have children in school should pay most of the taxes. Parents of young children have all the luxuries: two cars, vacations. This generation has it made. They have too many luxuries, and retired people and the elderly have to pay for their children's education. Cut out the extra-curricular activities. If children want to play sports, let the parents pay for the extra expense. That should not be included in taxes.

Different standards

WHY IS it when a police officer does something wrong, it's considered an accident, but when a citizen does something wrong, it's considered a crime? It is not considered an emergency when a vehicle is already stolen and you are following up on a lead.

Ideas for firefighters

I HAVE an idea on how we can cut back on our personal property taxes: Have only two fire stations and no police substation. One fire station could take care of fires and false alarms. The firemen can buy their own exercise equipment instead of going to the Osage Community Centre while on duty. The other station could be used for the paramedics.

Real learning

IN REGARDS to the Speak Out item "Misleading tests," the caller suggested that the Missouri Assessment Program tests are counterproductive because they don't measure meaningful learning, which is hard if not impossible to test. That's double-talk. I want to suggest that we send our children to schools to learn the things that can be tested: reading, math, history. Those are the meaningful, important things that will lead our children to successful achievements. The rest should be incorporated into those lessons or learned at home.

Double standard

IN THE face of the recent controversy over Prosecuting Attorney Morley Swingle's criminally charging the 16-year-old girl whose little sister died in a traffic accident, I am left wondering what charges will be filed against the Scott County deputy who was involved in the accident that killed two people and left two in critical condition. The answer is as clear as any double standard can be: no charges.

No negotiations

OUR LEADERS and military have lost their reason if they think they're going to negotiate with the Taliban. There should be no negotiations. I agree with President Bush's tough stand at the beginning. It should be carried through. The Taliban can't be trusted.

The Money Bowl

CONGRATULATIONS to Miami for being the national college football champions. However, the people who organized this championship game aren't fooling most of us about who the best team in the nation is. Put Miami against Nebraska, which had an 11-2 record. Nebraska had been soundly beaten by Colorado 62-36. Oregon turns around in a bowl against Colorado and beats them 38-16. All of us argued that Oregon should have had the shot and not Nebraska, and we still feel a little cheated. It's about money. Nebraska has a tremendous following. They had more people down at that game than Oregon would have.

Freedom Corner

THANK YOU to the people who have decorated and are keeping up Freedom Corner at Capaha Park at the corner of West End Boulevard. It has been so nicely decorated since September. We really appreciate it.

High-speed police

I'D LIKE To congratulate the Cape Girardeau Police Department. Unlike the high-speed chase with the bicycle that resulted in a couple of police cars being torn up, this high-speed chase up by the college only resulted in personal property damage to the citizens, not the police department. Wow.

Accident outrage

I'D LIKE to express my outrage over the incident in Scott County in which the deputy was involved in an accident that killed two people. I couldn't believe what I was hearing when the Scott County sheriff went on TV to say they were sorry and felt bad about it, but these things happen. That's not much comfort to the family who is burying two members with two more critically injured in the hospital. Why was the deputy not placed on leave until the matter could be investigated? We need to send a message to law enforcement that we are not going to tolerate this reckless and dangerous behavior.

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