Speak Out 1/6/02

Sunday, January 6, 2002

Being too critical

ON THE recent comments about local law enforcement and state troopers: I don't believe the callers realize what they're talking about. I have a background in law enforcement. The officers are responding to numerous calls every day on the job. Most of the time those calls don't dictate lights and sirens, but they do dictate a speedy response. I believe if it was one of your houses that was being broken into, you'd like police to respond rapidly. It doesn't have to be lights and sirens. Just a quick response may be all that's needed. Law enforcement officers wake up every day and put that badge on. That badge is, in some people's eyes, a target for blame. Officers correct the problems that others create. They protect us and serve us, and all we do is criticize the way they drive. Those individuals who join the police department consider themselves professionals. And they're proud of what they do, so they display it in certain ways. We should think about whom we criticize when we call in to Speak Out.

Paying the bill

EVER SINCE Charter Communications took over the cable-TV company, my cable bill has gone up and up. Yet the quality of the cable I receive -- at the moment, the cable is totally out -- is not worth what I pay. I started paying $31 a month. Now I'm paying $36.39 per month. That makes no sense. It isn't fair. They don't tell anyone when they're going to work on the cable or anything. Right now the service is down, but I'll still have to pay for it.

Enlightening column

I SUSPECT Sam Blackwell has reached a level of happiness that some would not understand. I personally find his column very enlightening.

Aggressive driving

WHAT'S THE difference between a drunken driver or a speeding cop who is involved in an accident that causes fatalities? There is absolutely no excuse far the Scott County deputy to have been putting motorists in that kind of danger over a stolen car. There have been comments lately on the dangerous and aggressive driving of law enforcement officers. I think it's time for an investigation.

Gambling cure

"BAD ECONOMIC news apparently makes some people more eager to gamble!" belloweth a Southeast Missourian broadside. Not me. I'm through with the stock market.

Need health care

JACK STAPLETON recently had a story noting the stress that the state budget is in and that one of the reasons was the increase in medical aid. Does this not speak volumes for the argument of national health care? I submit this at the expense of being accused as cold-hearted.

Political confusion

I DID not realize that we liberals tried to squelch something as important as free speech. I think the caller was confusing us with one of those phony family value, holier-than-thou Republicans.

Real lifesaver

RECENTLY ON Lexington in Cape I followed a young man in a pickup truck run five stop signs in a row. He slowed down a little for each one, but never stopped. I noticed he had a young lady with him. Maybe he was just showing off. I hope his parents can at least try to get him to drive more safely. It just might save his life.

No evolution

I WOULD like to know why Catholic schools teach evolution. I went to a Catholic school for 12 years and honestly thought we evolved. They teach it because they want to show the so-called scientific side. Well, I am sorry, but there is nothing scientific about evolution. Evolution is based on circular reasoning and guesses. They even use false and outdated material in textbooks to prove evolution. I say get it out of our schools. If anyone thinks we evolved, then you don't believe in our Creator, which is what they are teaching our kids. I left the Catholic church because of their teaching of evolution.

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