Speak Out 01/02/02

Saturday, January 5, 2002

People's forum

SOMEONE WANTS to make the Southeast Missourian the most boring paper in the state, huh? They want to get rid of Speak Out and replace it with calls about lost items? I think that's what the "Lost and Found" classified section is for. Speak Out is a people's forum, and I'd like to praise the Southeast Missourian for providing this anonymous forum. If you don't want privacy, write a letter to the editor and sign your name.

Two cents' worth

TWO COMMENTS: I agree with the caller who wants Speak Out removed from the paper. I think it's a joke. Also, about the attitude of the local police: I've lived in Florence, Ala., and Texarkana, Texas. The cops in these two cities are a lot braver than the police here in Cape. They show no respect when they stop you, even if it's just for a taillight out.

Making choices

I'D LIKE to comment about the cruising in the park. Honestly ask yourself why there might be cruising going on in the park in the first place. If you can honestly answer the question, maybe you can understand, if not accept. Being gay, lesbian or transgendered is not a preference. Who would wake up one day and say, "Hey, I think I'll be gay and be prejudiced against and hated"? No one in his right mind would make a choice like that.

Column critique

I REALLY enjoy reading Sam Blackwell's and Joe Sullivan's columns. I look forward to them every week. In my opinion, Sam has changed from being a searching agnostic to a guarded believer.

School money

WHY DO the schools need money when our school taxes just get higher and higher? When the schools have chili suppers, why don't they keep that money for their school instead of giving it away? It doesn't make sense.

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