Speak out 12/24/01

Friday, December 28, 2001

Not a good idea

EVERY TIME I go through the roundabout, it makes me sick to think our city administrators are spending money on such a foolish idea. I hope to goodness they don't consider more of these things anywhere in Cape Girardeau. They're a waste of time and money. It's just pitiful.

Company jobs

I'M READING the Speak Out comment about "who's fleecing whom, the labor unions or management?" I would like to know how this person considers labor unions as part of the company. The company is providing the labor union with jobs. This person talks as if it's the other way around. It's true that without workers a business wouldn't exist. It's also true that without management workers wouldn't exist. So, I think it's a draw. Labor has no reason to try to tell management and company owners how to run their company. If they don't like it, they aren't required to stay there.

Better than nothing

THE UNION member who only got a ballpoint pen and a $10 gift card for a Christmas bonus should feel real lucky. I'm not a union member, and we didn't get a Christmas bonus this year. Plus, I had to take a 10 percent salary cut, and then my employer informed me that he was no longer contributing to my 401(k). A ballpoint pen and $10 gift card would sure look good right now.

Economy kick-start

RECESSION IS a dirty word. How can we reverse it and kick-start the economy? The Bush administration is proposing a huge tax refund to large corporations, claiming they will buy new equipment and create new jobs. This did not work in the Reagan administration, and it won't work now. Here's why: The jobs are already there but unfilled because workers have been laid off due to a drop in sales. To reverse this trend, we don't give money back to big corporations. Give it to the unemployed consumers who would spend if they had the money. Get sales back up and get laid off workers back to these idle jobs quick. Place a six-month moratorium on bank and consumer debts -- a one-year moratorium was used in the Great Depression. Impose a six-month moratorium on employee FICA taxes on the first $15,000 in income. And up to 26 weeks of unemployment assistance would certainly add quick consumer buying power. This would be better than what the Bush administration is proposing.

A nice thing to do

I WOULD just like to thank the person that gets up very early in the morning and walks through my neighborhood, picks up the newspaper and hangs it on my door underneath the American flag. Thank you and God bless.

Police commendation

I'D LIKE to commend a Cape Girardeau police officer by the name of Rob Watson, He helped me out over the weekend, and he did a really good job. I'd like to say I really appreciate his help. The Cape Girardeau Police Department has a really good man in Rob Watson.

Too depressing

I'M SO glad someone else feels the same way I do. I have had to quit reading Sam Blackwell's column because it's way too depressing. I don't understand how the Baby Boomer generation -- the most opportunist, full of hope, "we can change the world" generation -- has come out of it still not happy and with a big void to fill. It's pretty pitiful. Gee, do you think they found out that life just happens and you just do the best you can, just like their parents had to find out? Maybe they're not so different and smarter after all.

Lack of tradition

THIS IS in response to the story "Church develops aggressive recruiting plan for priesthood." I believe the reason for the lack of priests is because priests do not act like priests. If they would follow tradition, I believe there would be more priests.

Trashy policy

NOT ALLOWING sanitation workers to take a tip is trashy.

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