Speak Out 12/23/01

Sunday, December 23, 2001

Ruffling feathers

SPEAK OUT is a safe haven for the have-nots who justifiably fear horrific retaliation if they publicly challenge the ruling class with their insightful comments. The pure truth can be published only posthumously or, as with Speak Out, anonymously. Callers are eternally grateful to the mostly pro-establishment ownership and management of the Southeast Missourian for providing us a forum for some serious feather ruffling.

Unsafe driving

I LIKE to drive, but driving in Cape Girardeau is getting bad. Young girls will run red lights, talk on their telephones and tailgate. They should take a car that has been in a bad wreck and put it in front of Central High School. I think boys have more sense than girls. People are too easy on girls who drive. Compared to San Diego, Memphis and St. Louis, driving in Cape is bad.

No distinction

I AGREE with the Southeast Missourian that we should hold off building a new juvenile detention facility since the distinction between adult crimes and juvenile offenses will soon be rendered obsolete by state and federal statutes.

Laughable, ludicrous

THE LAPDOG who tried to legitimize corporate welfare with a laughable Speak Out comment is a ludicrous tool of the leisure class.

It's a dog's life

I AGREE with a seemingly angry Speak Out caller that Homo sapien animals deserve at least close to the same constitutional protections as other species.

Visible lines

THE REASON why you can't see the painted lines on the road when it is dark, and especially wet, is because a low-quality paint has been used. In big cities (and -- dare I say? -- metropolitan areas like Cape aspires to be) they use a type of paint with glass crystals that become reflective and make it easier to see. I too wish this type of paint would be used.

Erudite electorate

JARED BROWN was justifiably upset because someone said his economic argument in favor of constructing a new St. Louis Cardinals stadium was "pie in the sky" economic theory. Brown's theory is solidly Keynesian through and through and rests on the assumption that government expenditure of taxpayer money is good for the economy, generates jobs and is a worthwhile investment. I happen to support Brown's scenario. However, Brown's economic theorizing flies in the face of Reaganomics or supply-side theory, laissez-faire economic philosophy, Malthusiansim and neo-Marxism, as well as the thinking of Milton Friedman, David Ricardo, Friedrich Von Hayek and a host of others. Rest assured that Missouri voters are delving into these complex theories in droves, examining computerized theoretical models of the effect of some taxpayer support for the stadium and are reading arcane and up-to-date tomes on economic theory to determine whether or not their support for the project is economically justified. Whatever the decision, and I hope it is favorable, we can take comfort in knowing that it will be made based solely on a sophisticated, statewide study of economic theory by Missouri's erudite electorate.

Top-heavy costs

IN RESPONSE to the Republican-bashing labor unions and the Democratic Party: Prices are so high for labor because the automobile industry has automotive engineers, sales representatives, executives and public accountants who make tremendous wages, four times as much as the worker on the line. The union may get them a 10-cent raise. The union members mostly get their benefits in their insurance. Blame labor prices on the top, not the bottom. As a union worker, I received a ballpoint pen and a $10 gift card as my Christmas bonus, while my supervisors will get bonuses that have in the past have ranged from over $1,000 to $6,000 per supervisor. Who's fleecing whom?

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