Expansion means better water, more water

Saturday, December 22, 2001

The prospect of improved well water and plenty of it is an attractive one indeed to Cape Girardeau residents.

As it stands, the city's water comes from the Mississippi River and is very hard -- meaning it's loaded with minerals that make it look, tastes and feel funny. The result is spotty dishes, a need for more detergent and drier skin after baths -- unless families invest in a good water softener.

And when summer rains don't fall, there are water-conservation orders because the city's water system can't keep up with demand.

A $17.5 million expansion of the city's water plant will mean softer well water for everybody. The expansion is taking longer than expected, but it should be complete in six months, before conservation becomes a concern. Workers are building 10 wells and accessories such as filters and chemical feeds.

A bond issue to pay for the work was passed in 1996, and the bonds are being paid off with a quarter-cent sales-tax increase passed in 1997.

Certainly, the money will be well worth it if the results are what was promised by the city.

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