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Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Goodbye, SAT and ACT

GREAT NEWS for the college bound. The SAT has all but been proven not to be a test of innate intelligence but rather hard work. Thus, because it's not a true aptitude test, it's on the way out. And, if this is so for the SAT, can the ACT be far behind? Whoopee!

Defending Ashcroft

IF IT weren't so scary it would be a hoot to hear these erstwhile conservative civil libertarians defend Ashcroftianism, the very type of justice that used to so often agitate them they'd become apoplectic.

No soft soap

I ALWAYS enjoy Paul Greenberg's columns. But methinks he doth protest too much about John Ashcroft's statement. Ashcroft will not win an award for soft soap, but what he said was right on. The very people making the most anti-American noise about trials for the terrorists sit on that Senate committee, and some of the things they have said were just plain stupid. Greenberg is right when he says the American citizenry is way out ahead of Congress on this issue and approves of military tribunals. As usual, the liberals (Leahy, Kennedy, Biden and Schumer) forgot to engage their brain before they opened their mouths.

Loving parents

BABIES SHOULD be born to couples who share a loving marriage, not simple sex with multiple partners.

Help the Afghans

WE HAD to rebuild the Japanese cities we destroyed after World War II. Because of that Japan is one of our closest allies. If we leave Afghanistan, I think the Afghans would hate the United States even more. I don't think it is appropriate to leave countries in ruin. I think we should follow the example of our forefathers

Responsible teen

A 16-YEAR-old is not a little girl. She's a young woman. I have a 19-year-old son. I have to say I am very proud of him. He is a very careful driver. When he started to drive I would not allow all of my children to go out with him because I didn't want to lose them all in an accident. I want to say how proud I am of my young man. He has never really broken the law. We would have punished him by taking away his license if he ever did anything wrong. We tried to teach him responsibility.

No war is holy

WHAT THE heck is a holy war? If it's a war how can it be holy? It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of in my life.

Not much help

IN OUR country we believe we are all equal. I just got my notice yesterday of my Social Security raise of $10. If medical aid goes up I won't get any increase at all.

Confused young man

I FEEL so sorry for John Walker. At 20 years old he's just a confused young man. He was looking for stability in his life. He needs to be brought home and taken to a hospital and deprogrammed. His parents sure weren't interested in his future. I hope we can find someone to help him. His parents were not there for him when he needed guidance while growing up.

No missile treaty

I TOTALLY agree with President Bush and how he is handling the situation in Afghanistan. But for him to withdraw from the antiballistic missile treaty is not a good move. I think he is trying to start World War III with this one.

No holiday spirit

TO THE caller who commented about handing out candy at the Christmas parade: You obviously don't have children or holiday spirit. Bah! Humbug!

Attacks from right

AND WHO has taken the lead in attacking Attorney General John Ashcroft's excesses? The ACLU? The Democratic Party? No. None other than the take-no-prisoners groups on the right like the Eagle Forum and the NRA. Maybe Ashcroft is doing something right.

Right from wrong

WHAT IN the world makes Tom Eagleton say such things about John Ashcroft? I am so proud of Ashcroft. We finally have someone that knows right from wrong.

Sweet attention

I WANT to express my opinion on giving candy at parades. A lot of work and preparation went into the floats and the bands. The parents, however, spent so much time controlling and watching children scampering for candy that they had little time to look at anything else.

Fickle ratings

THE APPROVAL ratings of George W. Bush fluctuate by the day, so 10 percent and 90 percent mean nothing. Naturally, most of us will stand behind him during times of attack and war. When he gets down to his domestic policies, that is an entirely different matter. That's when we'll see the real test of his popularity. Since he is a Republican, my thinking is that most of us who work for a living won't be too impressed.

Economics lesson

OUR ECONOMY is not in shambles because of George Bush. Our economy was knocked down due to the technology sector peaking and then crashing, as well as big companies going under due to their own scandals (Enron). I can assure you that Bill Clinton did not fuel our economy. We did. Once Internet companies and technology sectors oversold with unfathomable profit expectancies, the market took a downturn. Period. Look beyond your political beliefs to the real picture, folks.

Placing the blame

I AM not saying I even like our president. I disagree on many of his policies, in particular his environmental -- or rather lack of one -- policy. However, we honestly cannot blame him for our economic situation we are in.

It costs more

TO THE person condemning the teachers in New Jersey who were on strike: Do you realize that $56,000 in New Jersey is less than $30,000 in Cape Girardeau when you calculate the cost of living there? You would pay, at the very least, $1,000 more there to rent an apartment than you would in Cape Girardeau. For example, a $400 apartment rental here easily turns into a $1,400 rental on the East Coast. The food, gas and general living expenses are much higher.

Reading choice

I HAVE chosen my decision and accept the consequences. It is my choice and my choice alone. I have consciously chosen to never again choose to read a column by Peter Kinder on the subject school choice.

Twisted symbol

TO THE Speak Out callers who claim the rainbow is a Christian symbol: It may have been at one time, but unfortunately that is not the case anymore. In recent years it has been twisted into a sign of gay pride. The caller who spoke about the woman wearing this pin is exactly right. I have seen her too. From her dress and the way she has her hair styled, her pin is definitely not used as a Christian symbol.

Who's the fat cat?

UNION FAT cats? I am an officer in a local union. I make the same amount as those I work with who choose not to be a union member. These people enjoy the benefits of the work I do but refuse to do their fair share of the work involved in securing those benefits or help finance the cost. Who's the fat cat?

Stop tipping

I KNOW of no other business owners, other than restaurant owners, who expect their customers to pay the wages of their hired help through tips. How many times does one tip the bank teller, store cashier or convenience-store clerk? I believe the practice of tipping is outdated. Customers should unite to stop the practice. It is not my responsibility to directly pay the wages of the employees working at the businesses I patronize.

Library boundaries

I LIVE in Cape Girardeau County. I went to the Cape Girardeau Public library to get a card and discovered I had to pay $8 every three months. I realize it is a petty issue, but for some reason it makes my blood boil. They want me to drive to Jackson to get a book when I live only 10 minutes from the Cape library. My address is Cape. My ZIP Code is Cape. What's the problem? They tell me county addresses must go to the Riverside libraries, and the closest one is Jackson. I think some changes need to be made.

Peep from a liberal

IT PAINS me to reluctantly agree with David Limbaugh, but here is a peep from one liberal Democratic constitutionalist. His Saturday column was right on track. I too am sick of hearing about the military tribunals. They date back to the time of Washington. And his assessment of Frances Berry is correct in all respects. I watched the Florida hearings by her biased commission on C-SPAN. She did not want answers. Her mind was already made up. In fact, not one valid civil rights complaint ever went to court. I was sickened by this abuse of power. It is people like her and Jesse Jackson who are actually hurting civil rights. Now she is being arrogant just because she can. Neither liberals nor conservatives need this kind of representation.

Where is Eden?

DEBBIE NAETER says her pet peeve is light pollution. However, she states: "I don't blame other countries for not liking us. We are arrogant, consumptive and wasteful." Speak for yourself, Debbie. Can you tell us readers one country on this planet that is a veritable Eden? As close as you can get to the living standard of the caveman era is Afghanistan. Is this what you want for America? Do you seriously believe that, because all Americans do not "consider alternatives" that you and Alan Journet espouse, this is the reason the terrorists struck this country? Whether you like it or not, this is the greatest country on this earth, warts and all.

Sounds like a liberal

DAVID LIMBAUGH says liberals are wrongly interpreting the Constitution when it comes to its shredding by the scourge of civil liberties, Attorney General John Ashcroft. What stunned me so much was not Limbaugh's predictable defense of Ashcroft but, based on what I've heard and read elsewhere, the apparent conversion to liberalism of one-time staunch conservative constitutionalists, Rep. Bob Barr and syndicated columnist William Safire.

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