More Americans plan road trips during holiday season

Sunday, December 16, 2001

According to a new countrywide survey conducted on, the Web site of Progressive Insurance, an overwhelming majority (87 percent) of people plan to travel by car during this holiday season and most are going to see family and friends.

The alarming thing is that most respondents said they are more likely to drink and drive following a family gathering than any other event.

The survey, conducted on the Web site between Sept. 17 and Oct. 29, found that while 87 percent of the respondents plan to take automobile trips, only 12 percent say they would travel by plane. And, of those respondents traveling during the holidays, 91 percent plan to visit family over at least one of the major holidays.

When asked after what event would they be more likely to drink and drive during the holidays, family gatherings ranked highest (12 percent of respondents), friend's parties come in second with 11 percent, and New Year's Eve parties come in third.

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