Speak Out A 12/13/01

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Which is it?

I'M READING the comment "Uncle Sam's babies." The caller said that a welfare recipient who has more than one child out of wedlock is a burden to society. That confuses me. If the girl has the babies, she's a burden to society for being on welfare and collecting money. If she has an abortion, then she's a killer for murdering babies. Which is it? Does she have the babies or not?

Generous Democrats

We liberal Democrats think homosexuals should have a right to make a living and hold a job. That doesn't mean we endorse that lifestyle. And we don't hate the rich man. We think laws should keep the rich from dominating the poor and prevent tax loopholes for the rich. We don't want people cheating on welfare, but we'd rather see 100 welfare recipients get aid they don't need than have one who really needs it and not be able to get it. We also believe in labor unions for the working man. We're proud to be liberal Democrats. Liberal means generous, which is a more Christian attitude.

Lumps of coal

TO THE reader who was aggravated by the kids selling baked goods during a Jackson Christmas parade: Have you never heard of keeping Christ in Christmas? Those boys took time out of their Saturday to raise money for their church. May Christ grant them their Christmas wish, and may you get lumps of coal.

Time to stand up

LATELY IT almost makes me sick to watch the world news. I understand we're thinking about rebuilding Afghanistan after we catch Osama bin Laden. The statement was made before we ever went over there to fight this war to turn him over or suffer the consequences. They chose not to turn him over. I think they brought all of this on themselves, and I don't think the United States should spend a dollar to rebuild that country. They haven't sent a dime to help us rebuild the twin towers. It's time we stood up to those people. That's the problem with the United States right now. We don't have the guts to stand up to anybody.

Parents were rude

I'D LIKE to convey my great pride and joy to all the eighth- and ninth-graders who participated in the concert Thursday night. Their performance was outstanding, and they performed in a wonderful manner. The parents, on the other hand, did not fare as well. Even though they were asked at the beginning not to leave after their child's performance, many felt that they had better things to do. My child performed and was done within the first 45 minutes. I had to hurry afterward to get to work, and it would have been easier to leave when my child was done. But the children who performed at the end would not know my schedule or my plans. All they saw was a house that had standing room only was now only half full for them. The parents acted very selfishly being only concerned with their child. It was quite rude. Next time I hope we will conduct ourselves as well as the children did. Kudos to the children.

Accept all or none

IF GOD'S Word tells us that we shall not condone sorcery or witchcraft, then as Christians we should accept God's Word as total truth or not accept his Word at all. The Harry Potter books are fantasy, and they are only children's books. But they make witchcraft and sorcery appealing, which according to the Christian faith we shall not accept.

It only took a day

TO THE person who responded to Robert Lucas' question about how long it takes God to make a human being, I have this question for you: How can you confess to believe in God yet reject the very beginning of his Word? Genesis tells us that creation took place in six days. On one of those days, God made man in his own image. God's Word says nothing about an evolutionary process or that we came from a lower species. If you're going to believe in God, you should believe in him entirely.

Don't remind me

I'M 72 years old, and I'd rather not remember Pearl Harbor, thank you very much. I remember Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the president at that time, who knew the Japanese were going to bomb and kill over 2,000 of his own people at Pearl Harbor. Guess who owns most of this country today? The Japanese.

Postal angel

I WENT to the Cape Girar-deau Post Office this morning to mail my Christmas packages. I had them in a big plastic bag thinking I could drag them in. And all at once an angel took hold of one side and helped me all the way to the counter and lifted them up for me. I didn't get her name, but want to tell her thanks again. See? There are angels in this world. Merry Christmas to all.

Neglected interchange

WHAT HAS happened to our state highway department? The Jackson-Cape Girardeau interchange has been neglected for a long time. It is the worst section in the area. It's badly in need of repair. The shoulders are full of potholes, and the road signs have been bent for over a year. The highway is full of breaks and potholes.

No light work

I HAVEN'T been able to find a job in this area for several months. I guess it's because nobody wants to talk to me. I have a severe chronic muscular condition. I guess when you're 58 years old they consider you over the hill. I've applied to several places, but no one wants to hire someone who can only do light work. Whatever happened to the idea of hiring the handicapped? I've had to sell my car. My credit cards are maxed out. I have no money. It sure won't be a very merry Christmas. I don't mean to complain, but I just can't believe employers won't even consider somebody to do light work when there are jobs open.

Take your turn

I'M CALLING about the new McDonald's. I think it's wonderful that we have a new restaurant, but their drive-through needs some signs. Everybody's hungry. You need to take your time and realize that everybody wants to eat. Quit butting into line and take your turn.

Lost his heart

TO MORLEY Swingle: Please return and pick up your heart. You left it behind. What could you possibly have been thinking to charge this poor little girl? You have children of your own. People make mistakes. Think about it. This little girl made a mistake and will suffer her whole life with it. Your ridiculous charges are of no help to anyone and make you look foolish. The worst public official is one who has lost his heart.

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