Young Life a big boost to teen-agers

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

There are so many negative -- or at least questionable -- messages that bombard teens every day, from frighteningly bloody video games to Brittany Spears moaning and gyrating in hip-hugging short-shorts.

How refreshing it must be for teens to get a few doses of wholesomeness in the course of a week, sometimes from a school visit by a member of Young Life.

The organization, founded in 1941 to reach teen-agers through friendships, is aimed at sharing the Gospel message. Its staff leaders sometimes visit schools to join high-school students for lunch and uplifting conversation.

Even more impressive is the response the organization receives. Students give wholehearted testimonials about the visits and the Monday night meetings at the Young Life center on Broadway in Cape Girardeau.

"It's something outside of school where I can get together with my friends and people who I know care about me and love me and love God," one young man said.

All Christian teens should give Young Life a try. Surely they will find caring companionship and encouragement.

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