Speak Out 12/10/01

Monday, December 10, 2001

Mature decision

WHEN I was a Democrat, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child. But when I became a man, I put away the childish actions of the Democratic Party and became a Republican.

A speck in time

EVEN 350,000 years is too long for man's history. Modern man, you and I, only appeared 15,000 years ago, making our existence that much more trivial. Of course, we all think we own this planet and are doing our best to do as much destruction as we can in our short stay here. I wish everyone realized the big picture. On a timeline a football field long, we are only a speck the size of the period ending this sentence.

Build them right

THIS IS for the people who don't like the idea of new roundabouts in downtown Cape. If they are constructed properly, they work extremely well. Just make a trip to Chaffee. There is one in the center of town which is also quite nicely decorated for Christmas. Traffic flows just fine around it. Plus there is plenty of room for the big rigs to negotiate it. If they are going to build roundabouts anyway, at least make them functional like Circle Park in Chaffee.

Reassessment issues

I AGREE with a Speak Out comment about reassessments. Why is the assessor doing a blanket assessment of older homes with no improvements that have not increased in value? I called the assessor's office five days ago to clear up some questions. I was told someone would call me the next day. Needless to say, I am still waiting and probably will be this time next year.

We're already there

"I WONDER what it will take to make America and the rest of the civilized world understand that the Palestinian Authority does not seek peaceful coexistence with Israel," spaketh David Limbaugh, a Show Me State conservative, syndicated columnist and author. In answer to the question, not much at all. In fact, we're already there. We're waiting patiently for the pacifistic, at times peacenik secretary of state and the favorably-disposed-to-a-Palestinian-state president to catch up to public opinion.

Minor details

BY THEMSELVES, sincerity, honesty and loyalty will get you nowhere in the war against international terrorism. We need a president on a par with FDR or Winston Churchill. To this point, Bush appears to be a tough-minded realist in the tradition of the above mentioned leaders. Let's hope he stays that way and doesn't let sincerity, honesty and godliness get in the way.

Out of uniform

AT A checkout counter, I was waited on by a young woman with a rainbow pin attached to her name tag. When I worked in a grocery store, we had to be in uniform. That meant we were only allowed to wear the company uniform and a pin with our name on it. Any other pins or pieces of clothing were considered being out of uniform, and we were told to either take the pin or piece of clothing off or be sent home. There is a time and place for everything. A checkout counter is not the time or place for this woman to be announcing her sexual preferences. I consider this unprofessional. I am appalled her manager would allow her to do something like this.

Freedom to eat

I AM sick and tired of all the harsh rules and regulations on eating and drinking in buildings. If people are hungry, they should eat. Last time I checked, this was a free country.

Baseball socialism

MOST BASEBALL owners are faring quite well? I beg to differ. The Yankees have been in the World Series four out of the last five years and this year are poised to sign Jason Giambi, the American League MVP. The Cardinals were also interested in Giambi, but who had more money? New York. Revenue sharing and a salary cap make for even play in a league where teams like Pittsburgh, Kansas City or Cincinnati could never rake in the money that a New York team could. Socialism is a great idea in this case.

All that filth

AFTER ALL of the controversy concerning Harry Potter, it seems that much debate will occur with this new "Lord of the Rings" movie too. I decided to read the novels to get an idea of the content. I was absolutely appalled. It features a ragtag group of hooligans parading around the countryside not even bothering about their personal hygiene. I think in all three books only three baths are taken the whole time. They would eat these elf crackers and not even bother with brushing their teeth. What will America come to if we allow our children to view such filthy habits? Body odor, gingivitis and foot fungus will overtake our country if such negative examples are portrayed. I think it is a shame. There is no way my son will witness such garbage.

Wrestling Tigers

I would just like to wish the 2001-2002 wrestling Tigers good luck this season. I watched you win your first season in 15 years last year. Go get 'em, Tigers. Pin to win.

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