Speak Out 12/8/01

Saturday, December 8, 2001

Reading list

THOUGH DR. Michael Devaney's sophisticated endorsement of a globalized economy was extremely well-written, it was tragically flawed. Speak Out space does not allow for all of the accurate but arcane theoretical models needed to demonstrate the untruths in Devaney's thesis. Suffice to say that Devaney and all other global economic enthusiasts need to read John le Carre's novel, "The Constant Gardener." It is an accurate and devastating condemnation of economic globalization and will likely result in the most ardent globalists, like Devaney, making a public apology for their egregious errors leading to terribly wrongheaded conclusions about the world economy.

Blame it on Bill

I KNEW sooner or later someone would blame President Clinton for this war. I guess Desert Storm under the first President Bush was Clinton's fault too. Now that I think about it, World War I and World War II were his fault too.

Another roundabout

NEW ROUNDABOUTS in Cape? Good. We need more. However, the city forgot one place that desperately needs a roundabout: Lexington, Kings-way and Route W. I can't tell you how many times I've waited for a good 20 minutes to make a left turn onto Lexington. I've started taking alternate routes that are three or four miles out of my way, but I end up getting to my destination faster by avoiding crossing that intersection. I do hope that the city council does not misinterpret my message and make it a four-way stop. Please, God, not another four-way stop.

Plenty of welfare

TO REFER to Republicans as corporate-loving and welfare-hating, as did a Speak Out sage, demands clarification. The caller was correct if he was referring to the anti-welfare mentality of the Republicans when it comes to those in need. However, the GOP is generally wild about corporate welfare, which is, somewhat ironically, dispersed rather freely to those entities holding an enviable spot on the super-prestigious list known in most parts as the Fortune 500.

Read before judging

I WAS very disturbed by the person who compared Harry Potter books to Playboy magazine. For one thing, Harry Potter is a children's book, and Playboy is not. Harry Potter has a good rep, and Playboy does not. Read the book before judging it.

Too much prison

THE SCOTT County prosecutor is bragging about sentencing a 20-year-old to 20 years in prison for sales of meth. I am outraged. This insanity of imprisoning our citizens for drug charges has gone beyond its intended purpose of making our streets safer.

Media warning

DON'T YOU lose more and more respect for everyone in the media? I cannot believe that an MSNBC commentator blabbed to the entire country that there might be a raid on a company in New Jersey because it is contributing to the terrorists. I cannot believe she blabbed that. Now all they have to do is get out of there, because the media is telling the world that there might be a raid. It's ridiculous.

Worn-out decorations

I JUST wanted to know what it would take for Cape Gir-ardeau and the merchants to try to upgrade their Christmas street decorations on Broadway and Main Street. They're really horrible. They've been using the same ones for years. Only half the lights work. The strings are all dangling. It's really a disgrace. It would be better to not put them up at all if they're going to continue using these worn-out lights and wreaths.

The Hee-Haw song

CAPE TOWN people sing this song, Hee-Haw, Hee-Haw. Not being an intellectual isn't necessarily wrong. Oh, Hee-Haw hey. Drinking beer at night. Working hard all day. The Hee-Haw lass is the way to go, so now let's make some hay. Hee-Haw.

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