Letter to the Editor

Stadium proposal would generate more revenue

Saturday, December 8, 2001

To the editor:

I would like to respond to a a recent Speak Out, "Welfare for St. Louis." The caller said a letter to the editor was flawed when it stated that the new stadium in St. Louis would cost the taxpayers nothing. The caller is the one who is inaccurate. There would be no tax abatements for the building of the new stadium. Five of the nation's leading financial analysts have studied this proposal and have determined that for every dollar the state contributes to this project, the state would receive $4 in return. This increase in tax revenue would be generated by projected increases in ticket sales, concession sales and income taxes generated by the more than 7,000 new jobs. Additional revenue also would be generated by retail shops, restaurants, apartments and world-class aquarium in Ballpark Village.

The caller correctly implied that there are a lot more important projects than this stadium. Our roads are terrible, our educational system needs help and our elderly need help with the cost of prescription medication. What better way to fund those projects than through this investment? This project is not welfare for St. Louis. If this was any other business other than a baseball team, no one would have a problem with this terrific deal. The Cardinal owners will pay for two-thirds of this project. The state will get a great return on its investment, and the entire state will benefit from this project, not just St. Louis.


Cape Girardeau