Students return after Endeavour is delayed

Wednesday, December 5, 2001

A recent trip to Florida by members of the Southeast Missouri State University Physics Club was a day at the beach. And were they ever disappointed.

A group of about 14 people made the two-day journey to Cape Canaveral, Fla., to watch Southeast alumna Linda Godwin head into space Thursday on NASA's STS-108 mission. But the launch of space shuttle Endeavour was delayed until Friday, and then scrubbed for the entire weekend.

The trip was the first of its kind for the university and was prompted by an invitation from Godwin.

"The first time it was delayed we were still excited because we thought we'd get to see it," said senior Wendy Decker. When it was delayed again, and the group had to turn around and come home, that's when it got a little depressing, she said.

Friday, after the second launch was scrubbed, the group headed to the beach.

"What else do you do when you're in Florida?" said physics professor John Tansil.

They didn't give up on seeing the space shuttle take off. Tuesday, the group gathered in a computer lab on campus and watched preparations for the launch. Connecting to NASA's Web site, Tansil showed streaming video on a large screen.

But the group again had to wait because weather kept Endeavour grounded.

They still plan to watch the launch, which was rescheduled for 4:19 p.m. today.

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