Speak Out A 12/5/01

Wednesday, December 5, 2001

All those sins

I LIKE that comment about stripping the civil liberties of fat people. Gluttony and greed are sins, and if we're going to discriminate on basis of sexual orientation, why not discriminate against all those so-called evil people out there? Let's also check up to see who's given proper tithes to the church and donating to charity. Any slackers will just have to feel the wrath of the pious Speak Out callers. Don't forget the people eating pork too, because that also is a sin in the Bible.

Cut them some slack

ART MATTHEWS' politically correct paean to the Rainbow Alliance was long on rhetoric but short on substance. However, because there is a budding consensus that homosexuality is biologically based, perhaps those who commit the deadly sin of pride by publicly demonstrating in letters to the editor and Speak Out biblical documentation denouncing the practice should back off and cut these folks some slack.

Power of Speak Out

HAVE FAITH, caller. Contrary to what you said, Speak Out commentators have and will continue to resolve serious issues. It is not a forum exclusively for discussion of lighthearted matters, as you posited. In fact, the serious issues you said were unamenable to Speak Out remediation have already been resolved. We have determined that the practice of homosexuality violates Scripture but that the practice must be distinguished from the person and there should be no illegal discrimination against gays. In addition, we have decided that we should, in JFK fashion, go anywhere and do anything necessary to wipe terrorism from the face of the earth. When it comes to the economy, Speak Out callers consistently support tax cuts and consumer spending to stimulate it. Calling your senator or representative on these matters, as you suggested, will actually have less effect than calling Speak Out since I am convinced it is widely read throughout and beyond the beltway.

Unsympathetic boss

IT'S A pretty pathetic world when a boss fires an employee for wanting to spend a little time with his family. Working between 50 and 60 hours or more a week leaves little time to spend with your wife and kids. We know the boss doesn't care about his wife and kids, because he'd rather be at the store playing computer games. For some people, family is No. 1, and job is No. 2, but that's not the way the boss feels. What kind of world do we live in?

Zero is about right

SETTING REALISTIC targets for state government spending seems a sensible goal. However, one must remember that this suggestion emanated from the editorial gray eminences at the Southeast Missourian. As everyone who reads their editorials knows, to them a realistic target for state government spending of taxpayer dollars would be zero.

Even trade

I'VE SEEN all these people rushing into the stores knocking other people down trying to get to the bargains. I wonder how many Americans know that 95 percent of what these people buy is foreign-made. I know it isn't bought because it is foreign-made but because it's all we can get. China has been granted more opportunities to trade with the United States. But it will be lopsided. We will buy more from them then they will from us. I believe in trade with other countries, but it should be on an even exchange.

Blame it on Bill

WHY ARE people still bickering about the Republicans doing this and the Democrats doing that? I can tell you why. If the Democrats wouldn't have let Bill Clinton into office, this war wouldn't be happening. Over the course of his term in office our country was attacked six times over our various installments in the world.

Not that dumb

THIS IS to the person who is criticizing the Hee-Haw people. I don't think I am intellectual, but I probably know stuff they don't.

I WAS on a tour bus recently on a vacation. If I ever take another trip, I hope I get the same escort. She was polite and very helpful. She got us tickets for shows, and got them to us quickly. She was always the last one in line for our meals and made sure we were all served before she was seated. Also, our driver was kind and courteous and arrived at all our stops on time and arrived home 10 minutes early. Our escort was a wonder person.

Home decorations

If you plan on driving to see homes decorated for the holidays, go to the Northfield subdivision. The home on Lexington close to Yorktown in all red, white and blue is great. The candy-cane home on Yorktown is just as pretty as it has been the past two years. Down the street on Princeton is the home decorated with the U.S. flag. Thanks to all these homeowners who have taken the time to get everyone else into the holiday season.

A great president

HOW GREAT it is to have a decent, down-to-earth president, a man with godly values who cares for America. He may wear his emotions on his sleeve and you may see his feeling on his face, but he can't hide the feeling in his heart. Thank God we have his sincerity and his honesty and leadership in this perilous time.

True Americans

WE DEMOCRATS are the only real patriots. We stand for abortion rights, homosexual rights and welfare. We have principles. We dislike the wealthy, employers, corporations, foreigners and those who disagree with us. We're the true Americans.

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