Speak Out 12/1/01

Saturday, December 1, 2001

Hatred is ugly

SO THE Bible states that homosexuality is a sin. Doesn't it also have something to say against greed and gluttony? Does this mean all fat people are sinners who will be eternally damned if they don't slim down? I think it does. We need to strip fat people of their civil rights until they all go on diets and save their souls. Hatred is ugly, isn't it?

Policy is wrong

I AM surprised that some Speak Out callers seem to be shocked by the fact that Southeast Missouri State University is hiring unqualified minorities to teach. This has been going on for at least 15 years. When I attended classes at SEMO in the mid-1980s, I was a victim of this absurd hiring policy. My upper-level personnel management class was taught by an African-American female who had a bachelor's degree from SEMO and a law degree from some other college. She could not pass the bar exam but was considered qualified to teach a subject that she had absolutely no experience with. Who suffered from this practice? Surely the reader can figure this out. This is nothing short of quotas for the sake of racial balance, and this policy helps no one in the long run.

It wasn't this couple

THIS IS to the reader who was commenting on the couple skating on the trail. I was one of the people in the picture, and I resent your rude comment. We were not hogging the trail. Anytime someone came along, we would move to the side of the trail so they could have enough space. I don't remember ever making someone run in the grass or mud. We had the dog on a close leash so she would not impose on any of the other trail walkers. Maybe you have had experiences with others on the trail who made you run in the grass, but it sure wasn't us.

They create the jobs

THIS MESSAGE is to all the Democrats who feel their party is the party of the working man. How many jobs did a poor man ever provide for you? It's the business owners and corporations that provide the jobs in this country. The same people you loathe when they get a tax break also give you a check every two weeks. In the words of Ronald Reagan, "You don't help the wage earner by punishing the wage payer." This does not apply if you receive welfare benefits, because the Democrats love to give our tax money to those who don't earn it, so the Democrats are the party for you.

They don't like him

THE CALLER stating that Democrats would not be happy with John Ashcroft no matter what he decided on doctor-assisted suicides is absolutely right. Democrats hate Ash-croft because he is a moral man and above their reproach. Democrats are never happy with any decision made by a Republican. Some misinformed caller said he had had a job during the Clinton administration and now is out of work. Do you actually believe George W. Bush has had enough time in office to affect the economy and your job? You had a job and a booming economy because of Ronald Reagan and lost it because Bill Clinton had no domestic economic plan for his entire eight years.

Constructing nations

DAVID LIMBAUGH has exhibited tremendous growth in the evolution of his political philosophy. Though at first disavowing it, he now seems firmly on board for the concept of nation building. As Limbaugh recognizes, nation building is in no way neo-imperialism, but rather the use of U.S. power to root out terrorism and then help rebuild nations harboring terrorists into western-style democratic countries with constitutional protection of basic human rights. I congratulate Limbaugh and hope that he convinces the many reluctant conservatives to get on board and take advantage of one of those rare moments in history when a nation can reconstruct much of the world in a way favorable to freedom, democracy and fundamental human rights.

Praising America

TO ALL the liberals who call Speak Out: How many liberals are in the military, law enforcement or religion? They are always crying and moaning letting someone else fight to protect their precious hides, even when we are under attack. How about praising America?

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