Letter to the Editor

Let's resolve to practice what nation stands for

To the editor:

If I hated all my friends' enemies, I'd have no friends. This is a saying a friend used frequently. Not because she needed to, more because she believed it. It may seem hard at times to accept people who are different, but if you chose your friends solely on one idea, you may find yourself friendless.

Why would anyone discard a possible friendship because of one difference? I don't agree with all the policies of my political party, yet I agree with most. This seems to be enough to stand for this party. So why do we look down on a person solely for her religious belief, sexual preference, race or the way she wears her hair? Could it be that we want to see ourselves as better than someone else so desperately that we will deliberately hurt someone we know nothing of, that we will go out of our way to hurt another?

What is it about the human ego that makes us feel we should attack someone who we know nothing of, much less her circumstances? Should I hate all Jews because they don't believe in Christ? Should I hate all redheaded people because they are the direct descendants of Neanderthals?

I believe this year we should all make a resolution to practice what this great nation stands for: freedom of speech, religion and the right to happiness so long as we do not hurt anyone else.


Jackson, Mo.