Letter to the Editor

Take a swing at this pitch while it's good

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

To the editor:

As a lifelong Cardinals fan, I would have loved to see them instead of the Diamondbacks up against the Yankees in the World Series.

But the Cards have already creamed the Yankees when it comes to their sense of responsibility over a new stadium.

For years the Yankee organization has been threatening to leave town if the city doesn't pony up millions for a new stadium or big bucks for renovations. But the Cardinals are not making threats. They're making a generous offer.

Under the new ballpark proposal, the Cards would pay two-thirds of the construction costs, and they've taken responsibility to cover any cost overruns.

The cost to the taxpayer would be zero. The costs not funded directly by the ballclub would be covered by taxes generated by the park and its adjoining Ballpark Village commercial center.

St. Louis needs a new ballpark, and the region needs the 7,000 new jobs and $1.4 billion in new economic activity that the park would generate. All without any new taxes.

This is one pitch the legislature should swing at while the offer is still on the table.


Cape Girardeau