Speak out 11/26/01

Monday, November 26, 2001

It's witchcraft

IF YOUR only concern is to teach your children the worldly morals in the Harry Potter story, that is fine. But if you choose to teach a godly moral represented in the Bible, then you would understand that witchcraft is witchcraft is witchcraft whether it is something that is played or toyed with or something practiced as a religion.

Controversial choice

THE WHOLE controversy with the Harry Potter books comes down to this: It is a personal choice for each individual family as to whether children should read it or go to the movie. It should not be a school's choice as to whether the children are mandated to read it, or it should not have been a school's choice to reward children for getting good grades by letting them go see the movie. It was a bad choice because there is so much controversy.

Go first class

TO THE callers who say Harry Potter is a good role model and teaches our children good morals and encourages them to read, let me ask you this: The Bible has several godly role models, teaches our children godly morals and encourages them to portray the same. But how many teachers or principals have openly encouraged their students to read the Bible? Why settle for secondhand when you can go first class?

Cause for delays

WOULD YOU please tell the mayor that it's not Jim Drury who's delaying the judgment on the new campus for the university. The judges have handed down two decisions. It's the university that keeps appealing. They're the ones who are delaying.

Nab trash abusers

I'M GLAD Jackson is finally cracking down on county residents using our trash pickup. That's why our costs went up. It's people like that who have to mess things up. Crack down on them.

Made in USA

I'M JUST reading the article about the "Made in USA" at Cape Shoe Co. I'm proud of that man, and I'm glad to see him doing it. I'm a firm believer in buying USA products. Sometimes, I can't find clothes that are made in the United States. I'd like to see some of these big people with lots of money start some factories in the United States.

Misplaced sidewalk

I'M REAL happy with the new bridge on Rodney Street except for one thing: The sidewalk on the east side looks like it would have been better placed on the west side. Lots of kids and people from the houses and apartments nearby who want to use Arena Park still have to cross the busy street. It sort of defeats the purpose of the underpass for those citizens.

Welfare checks

I WOULD like to make a comment to the people claiming the busiest day for Christmas shopping is the day after Thanksgiving. I beg to differ. These people evidently have never had to take a cab at the third of the month, because that's when the welfare checks are out.

High-priced diesel

I'VE GOT a question. Diesel fuel used to be cheaper than your lowest-priced gas. All of a sudden, it's higher than high-test gas. What's the problem? Has anyone else wondered about this?

30 years too late

I WAS noticing on the news that people have started to holler about patriotism and buying things that are U.S.-made. Folks, you're just about 30 years too late. About 30 years ago, as I recall, all the shoe manufacturers in the United States were worried about imported shoes coming in and taking the shoe industry. And, of course, we were all sporting bumper stickers saying not to buy imported shoes -- buy American-made, blah, blah. Of course, no one listened. There is hardly any shoe manufacturing going on in the United States at all. The same is happening in the garment industry. You should have listened about 30 years ago when people tried to tell you.

It's the same thing

IN THE Ten Commandments, I don't see any of them saying, "Do not commit homosexuality." Of course, you could argue that it fits under "Do not commit adultery." I wonder how many of you speaking out against homosexuality have also committed adultery by having a lady or a guy on the side. You should realize that you're committing the same sin. It's basically homosexuality.

Ready for a badge?

NOW THAT our Jackson mayor has a cop card, I wonder if he will be joining the police force?

Pull together

I AGREE with the comment that said some of the people in the country are aiding terrorists. They want us to be afraid. They want us to fight against each other. They want us to get against each other's ethnic group. Stop fighting among religions, beliefs. Pull together, people. We're all Americans. Come on, get real.

Loving one another

THIS THANKSGIVING Day was like any other day in the year for me and my family. We gave thanks for our loved ones. We loved them and they loved us just for being us. Remember, God created us all. We don't have to account for one another. We just have to love one another. We just have to account to God.

Weighty issue

THE PEOPLE in this community really need to get a life. Arguing through Speak Out over which football teams lift weights is ridiculous. We have bigger things to worry about than which football teams lift weights.

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