Dairy farmer, 62, apparently killed by Holstein bull

Monday, November 26, 2001

NEW MINDEN, Ill. -- Dairy farmer Henry Finke had hoped a purebred Holstein would produce more calves than the mixed-breed bulls he was accustomed to using.

The new bull apparently turned on the Southern Illinois man Thanksgiving Day, knocking him to the ground and killing him. His family found his body lying in the mud at their 400-acre farm in Washington County.

An autopsy revealed the 62-year-old lifelong farmer suffered chest injuries and broken ribs.

"He had a lot of bruises on his face and swelling and stuff," said Sharon Finke, his wife. "I'm hoping he did not have to suffer as bad as it looks like he did."

A Washington County sheriff shot the bull to keep it from interfering with emergency workers.

Finke said the bull had not caused any problems in the short time it had been on the farm.

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