Cape police report 11/24/01

Saturday, November 24, 2001

Cape Girardeau

Saturday, Nov. 24

DWIGary Steven Cunningham, 29, of Jackson, Mo., was arrested Thursday for driving while intoxicated.

ArrestsGene Allen Perkins, 29, of Jackson, Mo., was arrested Wednesday for failure to appear.

William Andreas Cortez, 45, of 525 South Sprigg was arrested Wednesday for property damage.

Elizabeth Kreyer Bair, 25, of 301 North Pacific was arrested Wednesday for stealing.

Charles Eric Depauw, 18, of 911 Hickory was arrested Wednesday for contempt of court.

Orlando Lenard Thomas, 29, of Chicago was arrested Wednesday for failure to appear.

Stephen D. Sheldrake II, 19, of 2920 Perryville Road was arrested Thursday for contempt of court, failure to pay fines and failure to appear on a charge of stealing.

Johnny Louis Warren, 45, of Bertrand, Mo., was arrested Friday for bad checks and contempt of court.

SummonsLane Taylor, 59, of 1340 West Cape Rock was issued a summons Wednesday for disturbing the peace.

Belinda Renee Barnhart, 19, of 537 Albert was issued a summons Friday for leash law violation.

TheftA video camera was reported stolen Wednesday at 63 Doctors Park.

A compact disc player, cash and cigarettes were reported stolen Thursday at 121 East Rodney.

A stereo, guitar, radar detector, compact discs and cash were reported stolen Thursday.

An identification card and a check card was reported stolen Thursday.

Theft of cable television was reported Friday at 509 Bellevue.

Gasoline was reported stolen Friday at Rhodes 101, 1126 North Sprigg.

A shotgun and compact discs were reported stolen Friday at 3440 Lowes Drive.

Property DamageA car was reported damaged Thursday at 508 Cape Meadows.

A window was reported broken Thursday at 709 North Street.

MiscellaneousA 46-year-old male was taken into protective custody Thursday.

A 44-year-old male was taken into protective custody Thursday.