Letter to the Editor

New stadium would show fans are appreciated

Friday, November 23, 2001

To the editor:

The proposed ballpark for the St. Louis Cardinals is an all too rare deal in baseball today. It's a facility designed with the needs of the fans in mind. It would have 15 percent more inexpensive seats than Busch Stadium. And those seats would be closer to the action because this park would be designed in the traditional ballpark style.

But best of all, the new ballpark and the Ballpark Village that goes with it would be built with no new taxes. The Cardinal organization is funding two-thirds of it outright, and the rest would be financed by tax revenue from the ballpark itself and the Ballpark Village businesses.

Lots of Major League teams run fan appreciation night promotions. The new ballpark would be a much more meaningful way for the Cardinals to show their appreciation to the fans. It's a pretty good deal for the taxpayers too. I hope the state legislature supports it.


Cape Girardeau