Speak out 11/17/01

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Goodbye, Mark

WELL, MARK McGwire's retiring from baseball. I say goodbye and good riddance. All he did when he came to St. Louis was whine and cry. So goodbye, Mark. The Cardinals can do better without you.

Keep tigers out

ON BEHALF of the Lances, I think those are awful steep fines. Maybe $125,000 and one year in jail or something. Why are dangerous animals like tigers even allowed into our country, since they're not native? What if there were an earthquake and a tiger got loose? I find it hard to believe that the 5H owners had no idea what was going on around their property.

Taxpayers' money

A GREAT deal of controversy has swirled around Southeast Missouri State University's recent sponsoring of a cross-dressing show of some sort. Part of the controversy has been that many of the people who supported the show feel that those that oppose the show are homophobic. Frankly, I don't have a concern about the university sponsoring different events, but I do have a concern about them sponsoring a cross-dressing show in the same way I'd be concerned if they were to sponsor a traditionally heterosexual burlesque show on taxpayer's money. My concern is the use of taxpayer's money to sponsor such an event.

Same God, or many?

I JUST wish Christians would quit saying they worship the one true God. Christians worship as many different gods as did the ancient Romans and Greeks. Some worship a God who condemns homosexuality. Some worship a God who approves of homosexuality. Some worship a God who condemns ordaining women. Some believe in a God who approves of ordaining women. Some condemn the drinking of alcoholic beverages. Some believe in a God who approves of drinking alcoholic beverages. And so on.

Downtown pool

CONCERNING THE Marquette Hotel: I think they ought to take the top off, cement up the windows and turn it into a swimming pool.

It takes too long

I'M WATCHING a program on the History Channel showing how they built the Empire State Building in one year and 45 days. What seems to be the problem with MoDOT building a Mississippi River bridge that takes 10 years? Or how about a Diversion Channel bridge that takes two years to build? Something's the matter with the labor force and the money boys.

Great hot rods

I SAW some really neat hot-rod cars here in town Friday night. I want to tell all of those drivers I really liked looking at your cars. Keep it up. They're great.

Thankful for ...

I AM thanking God that George W. Bush is our president through this Thanksgiving season.

Big pay raise

I WONDER if you folks are aware of the fact that about two weeks ago in the middle of the anthrax scare, while our attention was diverted, our beloved congressmen voted themselves a 14 percent pay increase?

Good place to be

I SEE Jackson lost Saturday's game, but I bet a lot of other teams would have loved to be in their place. I think they played a great game. Congratulations, Jackson Indians.

Ruining the spirit

WHAT IS going on with SEMO athletics? First they try to be politically correct with the Indian name. No mascot, no chop, no war chants. Then they discourage the student body from displaying any spirit. But the straw that broke the camel's back was last Friday night's basketball game. A new tradition was started: stand up and clap until the opposition scores. What next? Cheer for the opposition? The administration is ruining any enthusiasm and turning SEMO sports into a night at the opera. Get with the program.

Full-blooded American

I AM an American. I am a Cherokee and a Comanche. I also have Irish and Scottish descent. Many people have come over to this country, and many people are Americans now. Don't doubt what their lineage is because many people have come over. Treat everybody alike. If they are American, they are American.

Aiding terrorism

I'VE BEEN reading the comments about all the ignorant people. I feel like the ignorant people in the world are those who are trying to divide our country during this time of crisis. They're calling Speak Out saying they wish Al Gore was president, crying that none of this would have happened if Gore was in office. You guys are really fooling yourselves. This happened because an evil force hates everything about the United States: our freedom and everything we stand for. They're going to do everything they can to destroy it. By calling Speak Out and publicly saying things that divide our neighborhoods, communities and nation, you're contributing to the terrorism. This is what the terrorists want you to do. Don't play into their hands. Keep this country together. Wear your flag. Be proud of your president. He's doing the best he can. I'm not saying Gore would do better or worse, but give Bush a chance. Pull together for the nation, and forget your petty differences.

Bible opinions

TO THE human-rights activist: You're right about everyone being entitled to his own opinion. But opinions mean nothing when it comes to God's word. In I Corinthians 6:9-10, it plainly states that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God. And where do you think the word "sodomy" came from? It comes from the Biblical Sodom, where all the homosexuals were. If everyone would read the Bible, they'd be all right. But don't listen to people's opinions.

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