Speak Out A 11/12/01

Monday, November 12, 2001

It's getting nastier

SPEAK OUT could be a good forum for the exchange of ideas. With some positive attitudes, a lot of good could come from it. But it seems to be getting nastier. It condemns people for their political-party affiliation. Here we are, condemning people because they're gay and taking God's job away from him. On the other hand, we have gays and lesbians bragging about being that way. I have trouble understanding this. I don't think anyone should take God's job and judge others. People shouldn't throw stones at those who are gay, but I'm sure thankful that I'm not gay. A little more tolerance, people.

Park gate closed

WHY IS the gate always closed in Klaus Park on Sundays? We pay taxes for these parks, but we can't even use them.

Assessments go up

THANKS FOR the front-page article about Perryville's public schools. One thing that was mentioned in the article is that voters have defeated tax hikes since 1974. This is not the whole truth. Since 1986, our assessed valuation has almost tripled on the same property. We have certainly had a tax hike each time they reassess our property. So the school keeps getting more money through the reassessments. People are definitely paying more school taxes than they did in 1974.

No party school

I CERTAINLY hope the authorities do something about Cape Place and the noise. We don't want to get the reputation that Carbondale, Ill., has of being a party school.

Need stop signs

WHY CAN'T they put four-way stops on Normal at Sprigg and Washington streets? Save some lives instead of letting the city kill people.

God's message

IF ALL the "do not judge, God loves sinners and homosexuals" people would take time to read the Bible thoroughly, they'd find in Ezekiel 3:16 that when we know someone is doing wrong we should tell them and try to help them change their ways. If we don't, God will hold us responsible. Also, when Jesus said he would not condemn the woman caught in adultery, he said, "I forgive you, but go sin no more." That is what decides our eternal life. God says change and sin no more. That is a message for all of us.

Build a memorial

I WISH to voice my opinion as to what they should build where the World Trade Center was. I would say they need to build a memorial park with a peaceful setting kind of like the wall for Vietnam War memorial, kind of like a history of the trade center or a remembrance.

Liberals don't listen

A RECENT caller criticized the critics of David Limbaugh for failing to personally confront him while he was appearing on a local radio program, so I thought maybe a lesson in demographics may be in order. So here is my question to that caller: How many of Limbaugh's critics would even listen to that radio station, let alone when a Limbaugh is allowed to use it for his forum? We don't need to spend every day all day listening to talk-radio gurus telling us what we think or interpreting others' thoughts and intentions. That is reserved for the conservatives.

Irresponsible advice

I must respond to the letter from Stacy Taylor from the Missouri Mentoring Partnership parenting program. She commented that it is better for a student to miss an hour of class than to have an unwanted pregnancy. If students want to be adults and have sex, then they need to make responsible decisions. I work, and I'm not allowed to miss work to go to the doctor. If I want to go to the doctor, I have to go after work. These kids in Cape get out of school at 2:40. Let her get an appointment at 3 o'clock to go get her pills or whatever she needs. But to tell kids to get on the pill and it is fine to go during school is irresponsible.

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