Foundation giving millions to study Sept. 11 attacks

Monday, November 12, 2001

CHICAGO -- A foundation that awards so-called "genius grants" every year to scholars, scientists and artists is giving $5 million to organizations to study and report on issues related to the Sept. 11 terrorists attacks.

"This fund focuses upon important questions that have been brought into sharp relief by these tragic events and all that is happening as a direct result of them," Jonathan F. Fanton, president of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, said.

Fourteen grants totaling $3.245 million have been approved for groups to study issues such as conditions that give rise to terrorism and what effect increased security has on civil liberties.

The grants range from $65,000 to $500,000.

The groups include:

The Monterey Institute in California, which was awarded $289,000 to assess the risk that weapons of mass destruction might find their way out of weakened countries and into the hands of terrorists.

Human Rights Watch in New York, which was awarded $250,000 to support its efforts to monitor the flow of refugees and the effects hostilities have on civilians in sensitive areas abroad.

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