Letter to the Editor

Turkey Day meal will cost less -- thanks to farmers

Sunday, November 11, 2001

To the editor:

In light of the events since Sept. 11, I suspect for most Americans this Thanksgiving Day has taken on a new meaning. As family and friends gather in a few days to enjoy fellowship and food, a reminder of our blessings and a prayer for continuation of freedom will likely be offered. Food is a strong tradition for Thanksgiving.

And speaking of food, there is one good news item. The cost of the 2001 Thanksgiving Day meal will be less this year than the past two. This information comes as the result of the annual market-basket survey conducted since 1995. Designated shoppers stop by their local markets with a predetermined list of ingredients for the Thanksgiving Day meal. Our volunteers record prices before the holiday shopping flurry to avoid the gimmicks associated with seasonal shopping.

The cost of this meal is $30.50 for 10 people. Last year, the same meal was $31.42. This lesser cost cannot be associated with any one item, just a series of slight price fluctuations.

Thanksgiving, a celebration of the harvest, allows us an opportunity to reflect on our blessings. Among our blessings is the safe, affordable food supply we enjoy thanks to the American farmer.


Director of Promotion and Education

Missouri Farm Bureau

Jefferson City, Mo.