Letter to the Editor

Leaf burning makes breathing difficult for many

Sunday, November 11, 2001

To the editor:

I moved back to Cape Girardeau after living elsewhere for 25 years. I was impressed with all the city services: taxi passes for the elderly, recycling and cleanup projects.

This fall, the leaves are falling in astronomical quantities. Since the city only has one leaf pickup scheduled, those who don't or feel they can't wait are burning leaves instead. The air is heavy with smoke around the city. For those like me who have asthma, it makes breathing nearly impossible. Breathing is vital.

For those of you who tend your burning pile, you may be doing no immediate harm, but you may be doing future damage to your lungs. Your neighbors and those who are subject to what reaches them in the wind are all affected by your unknowing lack of consideration.

Please refrain from burning and make the air safe to breathe for all. Thank you for being the considerate person I know you can be.


Cape Girardeau