Suspected stomach virus becomes birth

Sunday, November 11, 2001

LANCASTER, Pa. -- Heather Schlossman thought she had a stomach virus and went home from work early.

It turned out she was ready to give birth.

"I started getting really bad cramps and thought I had eaten something bad," said Schlossman, 26.

The pain quickly became so severe she had her husband, Mike, take her to Lancaster General Hospital, where an emergency room doctor was perplexed as he examined her.

"He wasn't sure what he was feeling at first," Mike Schlossman said. "Then he said he wasn't sure if it was one or two.

"I said 'One or two what?' He said 'Babies.'"

Within less than hour of the diagnosis, Schlossman gave birth Thursday to 7-pound baby Jasmine.

"It was my first baby," Schlossman said. "I thought any movement I felt was just gas. I didn't go through mood swings. I didn't have any morning sickness. And I only gained about 10 to 12 pounds."

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