Out of the past 11/2/01

Friday, November 2, 2001

10 years ago: Nov. 2, 1991

Twenty-eight candidates endure Phoenix Agility Test, hoping to be selected for three positions with Cape Girardeau Fire Department; among other things, candidates have to deliver 50 blows with six-pound hammer, crawl through maze of wooden rafters that resembles attic, drag 200 feet of 2 1/2-inch fire house 200 feet, carry 70-pound box up two flights of stairs and back down again, and drag 140-pound sandbag 120 feet.

25 years ago: Nov. 2, 1976

In heavy balloting nationwide, Jimmy Carter is elected President of United States, defeating President Gerald Ford.

In frenzy of crossover balloting, Cape Girardeau County voters support two top-of-the-ticket losers and elect mostly Democrats to County offices; while county gives Gov. Christopher S. Bond majority of votes, he loses re-election campaign to Democratic challenger Joe Teasdale; near record turnout of voters helps to put Republican John C. Danforth in U.S. Senate.

Scott County Sheriff John C. Dennis rides heavy Democratic turnout to victory over Cape Girardeau Mayor Howard C. Tooke in race for 27th district state senator.

50 years ago: Nov. 2, 1951

Heaviest early-season snow in 26 years blankets ground in morning and continues to fall in forenoon, accompanied by strong north winds that carry with them plunging temperatures; not since Oct. 29, 1925, has so much snow fallen this early in season; today's snow measures one-half inch, compared to three inches in 1925.

First installations of dial telephones - none of which may be used as such - are being made in Cape Girardeau in process that will continue until such instruments are in all subscribers' homes and businesses and new non-manual exchange is in operation; dials on telephones won't be activated until new exchange building is finished and intricate new equipment installed and ready for changeover.

75 years ago: Nov. 2, 1926

After considerable discussion, Rotary Club unanimously adopts resolution favoring another state bond issue to rush highway system to completion; resolution had been presented at meeting a week ago and was taken up this week for final consideration.

U.S. Department of Justice agents are watching voting at polls in Mississippi and New Madrid counties; agents have been ordered to watch for any attempts at illegal voting or attempts to keep qualified Negroes from voting; residents of Charleston, at meeting last night, adopted resolution protesting presence of operatives in their county and term the procedure "an insult."

- Sharon K. Sanders

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