Global debt item at service

Friday, November 2, 2001

Angie Dunlap wants to make sure enough people know how vast the global debt crisis is so they can take action. Global debt keeps people in Africa, Asia and Latin America from reaching their potential, she said.

Dunlap has helped coordinate an ecumenical worship service at 9 a.m. today at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mo. Dr. Bob Polack, a professor at Southeast Missouri State University, will speak at the service.

The worship service theme is "Sound the Shofar: Jubilee! Forgive all Debts, set People Free" and is part of the World Community Day for Church Women United. The global debt crisis primarily affects Third World countries that sought low-interest loans during the 1970s but couldn't repay those loans when interest rates rose.

In 2000, the Roman Catholic church urged wealthier nations to forgive the debts of the poor nations.

About 150 people were expected to attend today's service, representing churches from across the area.

The idea is to have informed prayer and prayerful action, Dunlap said. Once the group's membership is informed about a subject, it can pray for a resolution.

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