Terrorists may be targeting West Coast's major bridges

Friday, November 2, 2001

LOS ANGELES -- The FBI has alerted law enforcement agencies in eight Western states that it has unconfirmed information that terrorists may be targeting suspension bridges on the West Coast.

The Justice Department confirmed the warning Thursday after California Gov. Gray Davis said law enforcement officials had "credible evidence" that four California bridges, including the Golden Gate, may be the target of an attack.

The FBI, however, said in its alert that authorities had not yet corroborated the information but decided to issue a warning. The warning was sent Wednesday to law enforcement agencies in California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Montana and Idaho.

"Reportedly, unspecified groups are targeting suspension bridges on the West Coast," the FBI said in the message. Six "incidents" were planned during rush hour between Friday and Nov. 7, the agency said.

Justice Department spokeswoman Mindy Tucker said the information that prompted the warning was "at a lower level" than what led to the FBI's general warning to Americans on Monday. "We are working to verify the validity" of the information, Tucker said.

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