Speak Out A 11/01/01

Thursday, November 1, 2001

This time next year

IS THERE any chance that the bridge in Arena Park will be finished before next year's fair?

Give them support

IT'S HARD to believe how ungrateful some people are toward our law-enforcement officers. The people in New York, I'm sure, are very grateful for their law-enforcement and firefighting personnel. I thank God every day for these people who are willing to put their lives on the line. We never know when we'll need them. I wouldn't want their job. When they go to work, they never know if they'll return home to their families or not. I'm very grateful for them.

Enforce speed limit

I DRIVE the interstate every day to and from work, so now I am dealing with the road construction and how the speed limit turns to 50 mph. I set my cruise on 50, and people are passing me going 70 mph. I thought there are laws about going over the speed limit in construction areas. Where are the police? In the last three weeks I have only seen two officers in the area. Either enforce the law or change the speed back to 70 mph.

Faulty logic

IN RESPONSE to "Is it acceptable now?": I did not like my country being attacked by terrorists either, so based on your viewpoint I should accept it, like it or not.

Into decadence

THE TASTELESS drag show at a SEMO facility reinforces conservative cultural critic and historian Jacques Barzun's thesis that western civilization has degenerated into decadence.

Lunchtime woes

HOW SAD. I hereby extend the sincerest form of Speak Out sympathy to a SEMO student who complained about getting but a piddling little 60-minute lunch break.

Just say no

I SAY no to a tax increase and yes to cutbacks. Here are a few suggestions: No more patrolmen taking the patrol cars and doing personal business like driving their kids to school. No to the firefighters who work out at the Osage Centre while they are on duty. What if they get a call? What do you do then? No to two patrol cars, a fire truck and an ambulance responding to a heart attack victim at a residence. How many calls do you get a day and how many are false alarms? I am getting tired of putting money into people who are sitting around.

Vote again

RIGHT ON, Jim Drury. I and many more are right behind you 125 percent. Everything you said in Sunday's paper is true. Why can't we have another election? What is the city afraid of? That it may lose?

City has real needs

DID YOU see in Sunday's paper the list of things needed by the Cape fire and police departments? That is where I want my tax money to go. Not to the River Campus. If disaster should strike Cape Girardeau, the police and fire department will try to help us. If SEMO can build ridiculous and incredibly expensive water fountains, then it can build the River Campus by itself. Do not use my tax dollars for it.

Display it proudly

TO THE person who took my magnet flag off my truck, it is OK. I gave my money willingly to a good cause for those flags. Now I give the flag willingly to you because I guess you could not afford one yourself. I hope you display it proudly on your vehicle as I did on my truck. As it says, "In God we trust." I trust God will bless you as he has blessed me many times.

Sin and hate

CHRISTIANS DON'T hate homosexuals. We hate homosexuality. God hates sin but loves the sinner. So we don't preach hate because we hate homosexuality. We hate it because it's a sin. Get the facts straight.

Time to repent

TO ALL the people who are criticizing the gays and lesbians: You have just sinned. Now repent. God says do not judge others.

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