War bonds would help keep Americans focused

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Not since World War II have Americans been able to buy U.S. war bonds, but it appears they soon will be able to do so again in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

Proceeds from Treasury savings bonds, including war bonds, go into a general pot of money that can be used for any government expenditure.

It isn't that the government necessarily needs the money from the sale of the bonds to finance its war on terrorism. The United States is doing whatever it takes to finance the campaign, including trying to get Americans to return to normal and spend money, which will boost the nation's economy and generate more revenue than war bonds.

But bonds sold in the name of the anti-terrorism effort would be an important morale booster, giving ordinary Americans a way to help.

And in that regard, the sale of war bonds will go a long way in keeping the country united and focused on the long task ahead.

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