Members urged to share their testimonies

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Missouri Baptists must share their personal, common and correct testimonies with the world around them so that others can see the glory of God, a Scott City, Mo., pastor said Tuesday.

The Rev. Terry Eades delivered the annual sermon during the morning sessions of the Missouri Baptist Convention at the Show Me Center. Eades has been pastor of First Baptist Church in Scott City for 11 years. He also served as a missionary to Japan.

Eades spoke about the changes that are present in a Christian's life once they accept salvation. He urged the Baptists to display the glory of God through their personal, common and correct testimony.

Each person can share a story about how Jesus Christ has changed their life, said Eades. He urged them to be ready when the opportunity presents itself. He also asked the crowd to share their common heritage and cooperation as Baptists, who historically have joined to do God's work, he said.

A correct testimony comes from reading the Bible and following its teachings, he said. Believers need to protect the correct testimony from those who say they don't need the Bible or need to change with the culture, Eades said.

"If you think we're having trouble, we'll have real trouble if we give up our correct testimony," he said. "I've been concerned about the convention problems for a long time." At first the problems were just little things, said Eades, but he said he could see the convention heading down a road he didn't want to travel.

God can continue to use the stories of the first century church in the 21st century and bring a revival, Eades said.

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