Union activity could seal Dana plant's fate

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

The news that Dana Corp. is looking at closing one or two of its five Traction Technology Group plants, which include its Cape Girardeau facility, was disturbing for the entire community. The local plant manufactures automotive components.

The news was especially troubling for the 377 employees who work at the Dana plant here and contribute their salaries to the local economy. In addition, Dana is an excellent community partner, winning the Industry of the Year Award twice from our chamber of commerce.

Perhaps even more disturbing are persistent rumors that the PACE International Union is targeting the plant for membership and some employees are participating in the effort.

Some at the plant say union talk has died down since the threat of closure.

Let's certainly hope so. The prospect of another union plant could be one Dana executives don't relish, thus making the Cape Girardeau location the most attractive options for elimination.

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