Letter to the Editor

River Campus is being forced on the taxpayers

Sunday, October 28, 2001

To the editor:

I am outraged after reading in the Missourian about the man in Sikeston donating big money to the River Campus project. If he wants to make better use of his money, may I suggest he use it in his own town instead of our town, where the majority of the people don't want the River Campus in the first place.

This project should be brought to a vote of the people of this town. After all, our tax dollars will fund the biggest part of it. Our tax dollars would be much better spent to help Southeast Missouri State University pay for parking facilities to get all these vehicles off our city streets and parks.

Jim Drury is telling the truth when he says we will pay for the River Campus. Check the sales tax on your receipt the next time you go out to eat. If we don't stand up and be counted, the university is going to force the River Campus on us whether we want it or not.


Cape Girardeau