Speak Out 102101

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

The best friends

TRUE FRIENDS are like diamonds: precious but rare. False friends are like autumn leaves: found everywhere. Words could not be more true. Recently in the hospital I found out who my true friends were, and I thank each one of them. God bless them for being there when I needed them.

Extra greeting cards

DROP OFF those extra greeting cards to the hemodialysis unit at St. Francis Medical Center. Each year we send out Christmas cards to our dialysis patients we love so dearly.

Periodical praise

SO YOU think the Southeast Missourian is a Republican newspaper? Well, you could've fooled me. I thought it was a Christian newspaper. I say praise the Lord. Hallelujah!

Wasting money?

THERE'S NO way Secretary of State Matt Blunt is entitled to his Missouri salary while he's overseas. The $50,000 he's earning over there should be adequate. In fact, if the secretary of state's office can operate without the head man being there, maybe we're wasting $75,000 a year.

He's in disguise

JERRY FALWELL is just another Osama bin Laden in American disguise. As for the president, I believe any of our presidents would have risen magnificently to the occasion, not just George Bush.

Red-light tickets

I DON'T enjoy paying fines to the police department and the city any more than anyone else, but if I broke the law, then I'm liable for that. I appreciate the police taking in people running red lights. When I have to slam my brakes on when someone runs a red light, I'm glad they get a ticket.

Money or food

LIKE ANOTHER Speak Out caller, I too am skeptical about the guy out there on Route K with the sign "Will work for food." I stopped one day and asked him what he'd like to eat. I said I'd run down to Hardee's and bring him back a sandwich and a drink. He said he'd take the cash and get something later. I said, "Not from me, you won't."

Scott City's water

I WOULD like to comment on the Scott City water system. It seems that every other day we have a boil-water order. And we don't find out for a day or two because it's not on the news. The only way to find out is if you happen to drive through for a soda and see it posted in the window. I think that it is ridiculous. We expect it to be good water. Maybe Scott City can find another way to let residents know of polluted water or have workers figure out why there are problems every other day.

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