Saudi who took training in flying held as flight risk

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A federal prosecutor said a Saudi man who took flight training does not pose a "terrorist danger," but asked a judge to hold him without bond on a bad-check charge anyway.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert E. Larsen agreed, and ordered Adel F. Badri held without bond. Badri is charged with overdrawing his bank account by $10,450.

Federal authorities have emphasized that Badri is charged only with bank fraud.

Johnson County Attorney Mary Ann Young suggested a possible link to terrorism when she wrote in Circuit Court filings that investigations by the FBI and Warrensburg police showed Badri "reportedly has ties to terrorists that came out of Florida." Young's office said Tuesday that she would not comment further.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Dan Stewart said Badri, 26, should be held because he's a flight risk. Badri, a Saudi Arabian citizen who lives in Warrensburg, has returned home several times, and seems to have easy access to money. Badri's father, Fareed Badri, testified that an attorney tried to pay Adel Badri's $100,000 Johnson County bond last weekend with a cashier's check from the Saudi government.

"It's not the defendant's money, it's not even his father's money that's at stake if he fled," Stewart said.

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