Area prices for gasoline near lowest in nation

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Cape Girardeau County appears to be offering one of the best bargains in the nation on gasoline once again.

Early Monday, the Lundberg Survey, which tracks fuel prices at more than 8,000 stations in the United States, reported the lowest average price was $1.06 a gallon in Tulsa, Okla. The highest was in Honolulu -- $1.87. But at least one Cape Girardeau station, Cash Only, offered regular unleaded for 94.9 cents a gallon.

The story was much the same in mid-July, when Cape Gir-ardeau and Jackson stations offered gas below a dollar while those in other parts of the state and nation charged $1.18 and higher.

Scott Lucchese drives from Poplar Bluff, Mo., to Cape Gir-ardeau daily to attend classes at Southeast Missouri State University.

"I'm always looking for a bargain on gasoline," Lucchese said, filling up at Cash Only on William Street. "Gas is down everywhere, but this is the lowest."

Other drivers crowded the pumps.

"I heard on the radio that about 96 or 97 cents a gallon was the lowest in the nation," said Pam Burns of Cape Girar-deau, who stopped by the station.

But later on Monday, a station in San Antonio, Texas, dropped its unleaded prices to 89.9 cents.

Nine-cent drop

Gasoline prices fell nine cents a gallon nationally over the past two weeks.

"Prices historically drop after Labor Day," said Michael Right, a spokesman for the American Automobile Association.

The national average Friday was about $1.34 a gallon, including all grades and taxes. The Missouri average Monday was $1.14.

Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, demand for gasoline has decreased, said Right. "There has been a drop in crude oil prices," he said.

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