Be more aware of surroundings

Sunday, October 21, 2001

As all of us who have listened to the reports of terrorists being in the United States, living and planning right in our midst, I've wondered how they could and not cause some kind of suspicion. Right here in Scott City, most of us know those who live in our neighborhood. We watch them mow their yards, go to work, are visited by friends, etc. We may not know the specifics but we know the generalities. We may suspect they have more resources than they have income for, so we wonder how. But isn't this what is needed today?

Should not all of us be more aware of those around us? Whether they be from Marble Hill or from Afghanistan, whether they be white, black, tan or whatever, we should be forming alliances with our neighbors. Start a neighborhood watch or a neighbor-call-a-neighbor club. We should, in my opinion, be more aware of those around us.

I realize that the larger the city, the larger the apartment building, the harder the task may be. But for the safety of all of us, all of us may have to get involved. We all may need to become the eyes and ears of our police and government. At no time should we take the law into our own hands nor should we become suspicious of everyone and everything. But it's kind of like President Bush said. If we see someone getting into a spray plane and haven't a clue as to who they are and what they are doing, we may need to call the law.

After that nice rain we got some cooler weather, which has seemed to turn the leaves into autumn colors. When I look across the valley toward Roth Drive, the trees along the road are every color, from green to almost reddish. May be a great weekend to go for a drive.

P & G Bait called and reported that there were bass and bluegill being caught this past week. With the cooler weather, which has cooled down the water temperatures, the crappie should be biting as well. I'd probably try different depths and different methods, like on the bottom, to using a slip bobber, to using different baits. Experiment until you catch a fish or two then concentrate on that method only, fine-tuning it.

Have a great week, and make it a safe one.

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