Speak Out 10/20/01

Saturday, October 20, 2001

Proud of local talent

HAVE YOU seen Dr. Jean Chapman's new art exhibit? We should be so proud of our local residents such as Dr. Chapman, Jake Wells and Rush Limbaugh. Go, Rush. Accolades to all of our very own.

Symbol of pride

I WISH to comment about the man who wrote the letter about the flag being nothing more than a decoration. I have news for him. My flag to me is a lot more than just a decoration. It is a symbol of my country, of which I am very proud.

He's the right leader

SOME PEOPLE get up at 6 a.m. and exercise to get their hearts pumping. I, on the other hand, simply open my Southeast Missourian to Speak Out and accomplish the same thing. The one about the terrorists not striking on Bill Clinton's watch got me this time. The terrorists bombed our embassies overseas. Just one year ago they bombed the USS Cole for which nothing was ever done, and that was a direct hit on our military. That is the exact reason the terrorists hit us on American soil. Osama bin Laden even said the Americans didn't have the courage to strike back. Where did he get that idea? It was also during the Clinton years the immigration laws, our country's borders, airport security and other laws were weakened in order to infiltrate this country the way the terrorists were able to do. Don't put this on George Bush. Had Al Gore been president, it would have happened on his watch too. By the way, I saw a Zogby poll that asked the question, "Would you rather have President George W. Bush or former President Clinton as president during this crisis?" President Bush won in a landslide, 72 percent to 20 percent. I think the American people are on the right track all the way around. God bless America.

Protecting Cheney

OUR GOVERNMENT showed a very smart move when it had Vice President Dick Cheney move to a secure location. During this attack on America the government actually knew who to protect and who to leave out.

A cast of beggars

ABOUT THE beggar at the ramp at I-55 and Route K: I've noticed them to. It's not just one. I've noticed that it's a different person standing there every day, but they are always wearing the same rags and holding the same sign as the previous beggar who was there the day before.

Intelligence quotients

IF THERE is one thing Bill Clinton isn't short on, it's intelligence. He is probably one of the brightest presidents this nation has ever had. Intelligence from CIA -- well, that is another matter.

Volunteer panhandlers

WE DEMOCRATS do not have to hire the unemployed during a Republican administration to stand on street corners. They freely volunteer. There are usually so many of them that to stand on the corners would block traffic from coast to coast.

Strange review

IN A really weird rationalization, Patricia Watkins seemed to imply Hollywood was in some way at fault for this mess we're in because they produce movies she enjoys.

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