International Red Cross compound hit by U.S. jets

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- The compound of the International Committee of the Red Cross was struck Tuesday by a U.S. bomb that destroyed wheat and other humanitarian supplies. A guard was injured.

"Two depots of the Red Cross were destroyed," Taliban security chief Mullah Rohani said as he stood before the smoking compound in northern Kabul. "We are very sad because these things belong to the people."

Afghan staff of the ICRC tried to salvage some of the goods stored in one warehouse. They covered their faces with cloth and rushed into the cloud of billowing black smoke, emerging later with blankets, medicines and tents.

A second warehouse which housed wheat was burning from the same attack.

In Islamabad, Pakistan, ICRC spokesman Mario Musa confirmed that the compound was hit Tuesday afternoon and that a security guard outside the second warehouse was injured.

He said the roof of the building was marked with the Red Cross symbol.

Also Tuesday, three farmers in the Badam Bagh area of Kabul were injured when bombs fell nearby, according to a neighborhood shopkeeper, who did not give his name.

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