Make a Difference Day- Join the effort

In the wake of Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, perhaps Make a Difference Day is more pertinent to our lives than ever before.

Instead of dividing us, the attacks brought us closer together as a nation and took volunteerism and charitable giving to new heights.

And that's what Make a Difference Day is all about.

The annual event will be observed Oct. 27. Southeast Missouri always has had admirable participation as individuals, communities and organizations have taken on projects. Just last year, Girl Scouts sent uplifting postcards to the people who affected their lives. Sikeston came together to clean up a blighted neighborhood.

This year, a Girl Scout troop in Jackson will donate 150 books to the city's public library. Certainly, many more will step forward with formal projects and be recognized.

To register a project, call (800) 416-3824 or log on to www.makeadifferenceday.com. The Area Wide United Way in Cape Girardeau has ideas for projects and can be reached at 334-9634.