Speak Out A 10/05/01

Friday, October 5, 2001

God bless rescuers

GOD BLESS all the firemen and policemen of New York City and all the volunteer firemen, policemen and other rescue workers who have rushed to New York from every state in this country to help dig out the victims of this disaster. God bless you all.

Better notification

SCOTT CITY officials, it's time you do your job correctly. If there's another boil-water order, you need to notify the public better than just printing it on your sign in front of the police station. Some people don't get out every day. Better yet, fix the problem.

No good example

WHEN I read David Limbaugh's statement about waiting to slam Bill Clinton, I felt sad. Limbaugh must be an obnoxious, mean person. I will not contribute another dollar to help raise funds for the library. He is not a good example for people here in Cape Girardeau.

Expensive toilet

ABOUT THE $100,000 spent on a restroom for our local trail. Has anybody ever heard of a portable toilet? Why are my tax dollars going to pay for toilets on a trail like this? It's an incredible waste of money. It could have been used for the Red Cross. They said the money came from the Missouri Department of Conservation. However, that is our tax dollars. I don't appreciate our tax dollars being spent on toilets so rich people can run up and down a path.

Targets for darts

REGARDING THE caller who keeps calling Speak Out about how much he loves the Clintons: I have to agree with him on one point. I can't get enough photos of Bill and Hillary Clinton for my dart board. Maybe they wouldn't wear out so fast if I could resist shotgunning a whole fistful of darts at a time. Then I have to replace them with other tyrants and socialists like Osama and Saddam. What a dilemma.

Using your hands

IF YOU'VE got two good hands, reach one of them out to someone in need, because that's what your hand is there for. Then you need to do something with the other hand: Reach out to God above, because that's what he's there for.

Era of peace

YOU PEOPLE who wonder why they show all the pictures of Bill and Hillary Clinton should realize that the reason is that most people want the things that Bill Clinton left them with: peace, prosperity and the feeling that all was right with the country. His engagement in the Middle East and willingness to shoot a few missiles across the bow of countries that caused trouble allowed us to gain more peace, stability and for the economy to move forward during his term as president. Don't you wish you could have him back as president now, like most people in the country do?

Frightening description

WRITING IN The Economist, fearless conservative Fred Barnes comes close to saying that in the war on terrorism President Bush has found what one wag describes as a "God-ordained calling."

Reclaiming the flag

I'M DISPLAYING a flag for a couple of reasons: to show my support for this country in a very dark time in our history, and to reclaim the symbol of this nation from the gun nuts, xenophobes, warmongers, and Republicans who have taken it away from peace-minded people like me.

Mind-blowing hypocrisy

I FIND it deliciously and pathetically ironic that the same crowd that wants to bomb the you-know-what out of Afghanistan is the same crowd that wants to take away a woman's right to choose. The hypocrisy of these people just blows my mind.

Book is current

I'D LIKE to recommend that everyone read Stephen King's "Hearts in Atlantis." See the movie too if you want, but definitely read the book. The book touches on things that the movie doesn't, and I've realized the story in many ways pertains to what is happening in our country at this very moment. It's definitely a worthwhile read.

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