Cape Girardeau school goals

Thursday, October 4, 2001

Faculty and staff at each K-12 school in Cape Girardeau sat down together to compile a list of goals for the 2001-02 school year. The following is a breakdown of what each school hopes to accomplish in the next eight months.

Goals related to building transitions are not included but were a part of each school's goals.Alma Schrader Elementary

Academic success of all students

There is a need for all grade levels to communicate effectively with parents, community and each other

There is a need for peer tutoring to encourage leadership and receptiveness among children

In order to successfully score above the state average on the MAP test, we shall work released items for the state on a weekly basis

All students shall write effectively, which entails more than basic penmanship

The most common MAP terminology needs to be modeled and stressed in the classroom on a continuous basis

Attendance is very important. Students should attend school as often as possible in order to gain comprehensive educational benefits

Reading is the most valuable tool students must have in order to be successful in school and life

Prime learning time must be protected in order for students to benefit from the educational process

Students should be controlled to a certain degree in order for them to pay attention, work collaboratively and respect others

In order to receive students' maximum potentials on classroom tests, MAP tests, etc., we must avoid testing near holidays, vacations, time changes, etc.

Barbara Blanchard Elementary

Continue the facilitation of Read to be Ready, Reading Renaissance, Accelerated Reader, Reading Recovery, Rolling Readers, Reading Volunteers, etc. in order to improve reading achievement

Participate in the math curriculum study

Implement the District Emergency Response Plan in order to create the safest possible learning atmosphere

Continue to provide excellence in the area of special services

Continue to promote ongoing parental involvement

Continue to aesthetically improve the interior and exterior of the school building

Continue to focus on high expectations for student behavior using the Boys Town social skills

Continue to work hard to improve MAP scores

Continue to appreciate the fine staff that we have working in all areas of our schoolClippard Elementary

Maintain high academic standards while striving to meet the needs of all children

Maintain strong and effective discipline throughout the school

Encourage all parents to participate in their child's education by taking part in PTA and other activities, visiting classes, assisting their child with homework and discussing all aspects of school with their child

Encourage creativity, imagination and an appreciation for the arts

Emphasize and support reading instruction as the basis for academic success

Implement Reading Renaissance in grades two, three and four.

Franklin Elementary

Provide various reading and math strategies and programs that provide students with opportunities for higher academic success

Encourage family and community participation in the education of students by engaging families in meaningful home learning tasks, participation in parent/teacher organizations and business participation

Encourage cross-curricular instruction that includes the arts

Maintain an effective school discipline policy

Create an atmosphere that promotes academic excellence and responsible citizenship while considering the diversity of the student population

Provide staff with opportunities for professional developmentJefferson Elementary

Help students raise achievement levels in literacy -- all students reading at or above grade level

Focus on those areas needing improvement on the MAP test

Lower number of discipline referrals through our positive behavior support program

Increase parent involvement through parent nights, caring community family fun nights and efforts to raise PTA membership and involvement

L.J. Schultz

Technology improvement

Hiring and retaining quality staff -- attract quality mid-level education teachers and maintain program stability by keeping those people in our district

Improvement of student achievement -- improve performance in all areas of MAP testsCentral Junior High

Students will show improvement in written communication across all curricular areas

Student achievement will improve through strategies developed by the staff

The Student Assistance Team will identify "at-risk students" and develop response plans to meet their needs utilizing staff, parent and community involvement

Students will have increased opportunities to integrate technology into their learning activities as the faculty integrates technological tools into curriculum instruction

The public relations plan will be revised to include a monthly newsletter/newspaper prepared by staff and students

The mathematics, guidance and counseling curriculum and industrial curriculum will be reviewed, revised and aligned with ShowMe standards

Central High School

Increase the use of technology by faculty and staff

Investigate the teaching of reading across the curriculum

Conduct data analysis of our performance on MAP, ACT, PSAT and SAT for the last three to five years in preparation for the next three to five years.

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