Speak Out 09/30/01

Sunday, September 30, 2001

No talking heads

FOR THE past several years, I've been watching more evening talk shows on both CNN and Fox, and it is good for one's mental health. I've been complaining to CNN about their policy of presenting hard news reports by some of best journalists in the business, then importing talking heads to distend the objective news reports they've just broadcast.

Needs an audience

TERRORISM IS theater. Therefore, it needs a big act and a big audience. I would not worry about terrorists poisoning the Cape Girardeau water supply.

Bad parking

WELL, I see that we got a nice four-lane street on New Madrid, which is great, but what I resent is the college kids who park all over and make it two lanes again. They park anywhere they want and fill Capaha Park with their cars.

Butt out

ST. LOUIS and Kansas City say we should build the River Campus. Well, their taxes don't have to pay for it. We don't need the River Campus, and the mayor and the college need to realize that the people don't want it and drop it.

He gives credit

GARY RUST should be very proud of himself to putting Jon Rust to write on the newspaper. Whatever his political background is, Jon Rust is giving credit where credit is due, regardless of what political side he's on. I think he's a wonderful young man.

Need to rake

SOMETHING HAPPENING in Cape Girardeau is really getting to me: grass blowing everywhere. It started out with only a few places, but now it seems to be a contagious condition. I was driving down Kingshighway, and it looked very nice, as if it had been freshly mowed. Later that day, I was on Kingshighway, and you could have bailed hay.

No overseas flags

NO WAY will I buy an American flag made overseas made in any country. I will wait until an American manufacturer has enough flags to go around.

Can't find them

IT SEEMS when there is a national emergency, war or crisis, liberalism is forgotten. They slide back into their hole with their anything-goes views of trashing of America and decency, and there is silence for a while. Even some who claim to be religious leaders also do this. Whatever happened to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the ACLU lately? When patriotism and pride in America appear, they disappear. Speaking of representing, where is representative Gary Condit and his slimy character?

Taking too long

I WISH Mr. Miller, our city manager, would explain to us why it's taking so long to open New Madrid from Perryville over to West End and beyond. It has been paved for weeks now, and it's still closed off because of shoulder work or something. The Boy Scouts could have finished it quicker.

Know the law

IN REFERENCE to the cover story on Bill Ferrell, he was quoted as saying he doesn't know what the law is. It is about time he realizes that. I would also like to know if the new jail facility is going to be a smoking facility like the old one.

Address the light

WOULD SOMEONE who works for the city of Cape please do something about the stoplight at the intersection of William and West End? Why can't we install a motion detector on these lights?

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