Speak out 9/25/01

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

OUR COUNTRY is united, Democrats and Republicans alike. But Miss Hillary talked during our president's address to the nation, rolled her eyes and her face showed a major attitude. Why is it allowed?

Proud of Jackson

I'D LIKE to thank the Jackson people for their tribute to the fallen in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. Jackson has shown its vigilance and patriotism with many flags and tributes to the Americans who have fallen. I'm very proud to live in Jackson, Mo.

No bailout

WHO DECIDED to give the airlines $15 billion? The airlines were laying off and going under due to their own inefficiency and old, old planes that shouldn't even be in the air before the terrorist attacks even happened. Now they're trying to get money from the American people because their planes were involved. And that was due to their lack of security measures. I think it's ridiculous that we're all suffering, and the airlines are taking advantage of the situation and the government's going along with it, using our money to bail them out. The airlines shouldn't be able to collect anything other than maybe lost receipts for the week, and that's it. We shouldn't subsidize the losses they were suffering before the attacks even happened.

Once a year

I'M A lifelong, taxpaying resident of Jackson, Mo. I'd say eliminate yard waste pick up, reduce cleanup/fix-up week to once a year. Please, no recycling. It's more time consuming and extensive than it's worth.

Watch CNN

TO THE people who are so concerned about their civil liberties, what happens if the United States folds her hands, sanctions Afghanistan, and slaps bin Laden on the wrist and tells him to be a good boy? I'll tell you what will happen. He and his henchmen will be over here in person to take over our country. Then what happens to your civil liberties? Watch CNN and other TV stations that carry news about how the Afghanistan people are being treated by the Taliban. Some of you Libertarians say it's propaganda. I don't think so. I work with doctors and other medical people from these countries. They tell me we only see the best, as the news media aren't allowed to take pictures in areas where Afghan people are starving and suffering. They also say that the Taliban takes young boys and brainwashes them and kills the parents who protest.

Great article

I THINK Jon Rust's article in Sunday's paper was excellent. One of the best I've read.

Constant patriotism

I'D LIKE to add a few words to the outpouring of prayers and patriotism. It's terrible that it took so many lives to make us to remember that God should have been in our schools all this time. Our flag should have been raised every day. Our pledge of allegiance should have been spoken every day. The true respect and honor that we can give to these people who lost their lives is to continue to do this year-round, daily, not just in time of need. God does watch us at all times, and he is always with us. On the 11th day of every month, we should take a moment to remember the people who died.

Not wasting time

I SEE where the Republicans aren't wasting any time. It was in the paper that State Rep. Catherine Hanaway is crisscrossing the state to try to get the votes so they can take the majority of the state for the Republican Party, and she'll get to be speaker of the house if she can do it.

End it quickly

THIS COUNTRY wouldn't even have to drop an atomic bomb on Afghanistan. I am just out of my mind with anger with those barbarians. All it would take is just a few small bombs, but I do not believe in sending our people over there year in and year out to be killed a little bit at a time.

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