Worm hits school computers

Thursday, September 20, 2001

The Cape Girardeau School District is in the process of cleaning up after a worm got loose in the district's computer server sometime Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning.

Superintendent Dan Steska said the virus, known as "W32.Nimda," infected the computers, causing problems for all of the schools, but especially the high school.

He said the worm completely shut down Central's computers as far as being able to get data from them, which meant daily records, like attendance records, were not accessible.

Server worked on

Computer technicians worked all day Wednesday to try to clean up the district server and were still working on Steska's computer in the afternoon when he went home for the day.

He hoped the problem would be fixed by this morning, saying that it is more of an aggravation than anything else.

W32.Nimda is similar to the "Code Red" worm that infected hundreds of thousands of computers in July and can affect PCs with the Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems.

The worm, which tries to break into Microsoft's Internet Information Services software, can slow down the Internet for many users and can have the effect of knocking Web sites or entire company networks offline even when the attack isn't successful.


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