Letter to the Editor

letters to the editor 9/19.8b

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Thank you to those who protect us

To the editor:

I would like to thank our local police officers, firefighters, EMS crews, National Guard personnel, and all persons who are responsible for protecting and serving our community, including those who see to the delivery of regular necessary services such as utilities, education, healthcare, communication, information, government, etc.

I want to thank them now, because as I watch the selfless work that such persons have been doing in NYC, I'm sure that we'd get the same care here in the event of such an emergency. As New Yorkers have sadly been reminded, it may not be possible to thank these people after the fact. So, I want to extend my gratitude now and, by proxy, thank all those who were called to duty elsewhere on Sept. 11.

In addition, I would like to express my appreciation for this community itself. My husband and I have lived here for only six years, but we appreciate the friendly spirit and safety here. We've found Cape to be a very comfortable place, cozy but not closed, considerate and courteous, helpful and compassionate. I look forward to the Random Acts of Kindness week when it occurs officially, but I have to say that I see such kindnesses here all the time. I'm quite grateful for that too. Thank you, citizens of Cape Girardeau, for the wealth of blessings all of you share here every day.DIANA PROBUS

Cape Girardeau

Our enemies have unwittingly united us

To the editor:

We Americans have divided and fought over many issues: race, religion, politics, abortion, homosexuality, even our favorite athletic teams.

Now, a faceless enemy has unwittingly united us. He has attacked us in a cowardly way, destroying the lives of our fellow citizens.

No longer can these fellow citizens return to the embrace of those who knew and loved them. No longer can they exercise their talents to promote the common good. Even though we do not know their names or faces, they have become, suddenly, our brothers and sisters. We are united, and this enemy has caused us to unite.

It is time now to identify and exterminate these vile vipers that have accepted our hospitality and repaid it with their treachery.DON BOYD

Cape Girardeau

Event is sad reminder of Pearl Harbor

To the editor:

I know what the people in New York are going through. My brother was at Pearl Harbor in the Navy the day of the attack there. Sometimes it seems so long ago, but after what happened Tuesday, it seems like yesterday. We were glued to our little old radio for days. We did not know for about a week that R.T. was safe.

I was in my senior year at Central High when President Roosevelt gave his famous speech. I remember looking around at the faces of the senior boys. A typing teacher stood in the back with his head bowed. They all had a feeling what their lives were going to be for awhile.

I tried to tell my parents about the event but couldn't for crying. I was not only crying about my brother and all the other Cape boys in Pearl Harbor, I was crying for my classmates.

A year later, my brother was reported missing aboard the USS Runner submarine. He was reported killed several months after the war ended.

I hope everyone will pray for the families and all the injured people in New York. I hope once again that we never have to live through something like this again in the land of the free.MIDGE SEABAUGH MIGET

Cape Girardeau