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Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Fair increases

NEVER ONE to take anyone's word, I made some calls myself and found out the refineries were indeed announcing an increase in price. And yes, if the cost of the fuel goes up, you have to raise the pump prices to pay for the replacement product. But, when cost goes down, you have to wait because you still have to pay for what you have already purchased. If the economics of this is too advanced for some of you, I'm sorry. Now, $3 a gallon was gouging, but raising the price 15 cents a gallon to cover anticipated cost was not. So quit crying! Imagine living in most of the rest of the world, where fuel costs $4-$8 a gallon every day.

Polish compassion

TWELVE P&G employees are working here in Poland. We are scheduled to fly out on Sept. 22. After the attack in New York, we were in shock, but the people of Poland have been very considerate and helpful. The compassion and grief they have felt for Americans means a lot to us during this time away from our families and friends. We have run into people from France, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland. They, too, have expressed their sorrow to us on what has happened. Although we have been treated so well, we are still anxious about flying home and hope our flight goes out as scheduled.

Welcome, Latinos

I'M A teacher in Cape, and I was glad to see you welcoming Latinos here. All the families I know are hard working with good kids. Those who don't speak English are learning quickly, and I mean quickly. I hope everyone continues to welcome them.

Coaches are better

ON SEVERAL occasions, I have seen the Southeast Missourian publish comments to the effect that ex-coaches have less ability as school administrators than those with non-coaching backgrounds. Since the exact opposite is the case, these statements stand exposed as among the most egregiously erroneous ever to appear in the Southeast Missourian.

Too few flags

AS I drive through town, I am shocked at how few flags are flying, especially on the town's businesses. If they can decorate for the Fourth of July, I feel they should also help boost the community by displaying an American flag during this tragic time. I have decided not to patronize those stores that do not show support for their country, and I urge others to do the same.

Stand for flag

WITH ALL the emphasis on flying the flag as a symbol of patriotism, courage and belief in our country, I am dismayed by the lack of response that people show when the flag is passing by in a parade. Standing while the flag passes by used to be taught at school, but during the SEMO District Fair Parade, I noticed children did not seem to realize this is the usual custom. It also seems that some adults did not, either. Maybe our schools should emphasize this.

Supportive wife

I'D LIKE to comment on this terrible tragedy that has struck our country. The loss of life was terrible. But I'd like to say I was really impressed by the first lady, sticking by President Bush through this whole thing. Every time we saw Bush, his wife was right by his side. You know, there's nothing more valuable a man can have than his wife's support. It really impressed me that she stood right by his side through everything, there to encourage and help and strengthen him.

Can't stop them

ABOUT ALL this talk and condemnation of airlines for more security: Wake up people. An insane person who's willing to commit suicide for some so-called cause can't be stopped from doing any harm. A long ball-point pen to the neck of someone on a plane is a deadly weapon. You can't protect a traveler from everything, especially from crazy people.

IN CASE you've forgotten, at the time of Desert Storm, the large majority of the American people and many military leaders wanted to go on to Baghdad and get rid of Saddam Hussein and his regime. Chicken George Bush took the easy way out and stopped a few days short of doing the job right. The people of that area understand that if you have power, you must use it to get all the respect and fear you can get. But in the past, we didn't use our power to the extent we should have. Now it appears that Hussein is at least a co-conspirator in the terrorist activities that have struck our country. Now we're going to have to clean up the mess that Papa Bush left.

Let God in

TO ME, what happened Tuesday was absolutely horrible. But where was America when this struck? They had banned prayer from school. They didn't let God inside. Look at our schools, the violence and shootings taking place. Now look what we're facing. Now everybody's ready to call on God. God has always been with us, and He will stay with us as long as we believe in Him. But if you start to push God aside, He's going to push you aside. Americans, get on your knees and pray. We're going to need it.

Not all rude

IT'S A totally ignorant person who would blame the rudeness of one motorcyclist on the whole group of bikers. I run into ignorant people every day. Some are walking, some are driving. But I've never run across a rude biker.

Nice young lady

THERE'S A young lady who works at Fred's. A blind man comes to the store once in a while, and she leads this man all the way back out to William Street, to the sidewalk. He's got his long, white cane where he can find his way home. I have witnessed this. I thought, how nice to see somebody interested enough to help a blind person get to the sidewalk. He can get to the store from the sound of the music that they play, but getting back to the sidewalk, he's afraid, so she takes him out to the sidewalk and sends him on his way. I thought that was kind of neat.

More blood

THERE IS no weapon powerful enough to change a man's heart. We can destroy a large amount of land, we can arrest and kill the most infamous of criminals, we can continue to spill more innocent blood into the pool of blood already spilled and there will always be somebody somewhere ready to do something horribly evil. Are we ready for a war that may never end? Football goes on

DOGGONE IT, Dr. Dobbins. You do a super job as SEMO president, but occasionally you disappoint to no end. I agree with your decision to go ahead with SEMO's football game, although only a few other teams at SEMO's level did so. However, to say you made this decision because that's what President Bush would have wanted it rather than to give your own personal reasons for having SEMO play -- well, please.

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